Hi, Everyone.

Last weekend was a huge one at the opposite ends of the spectrum, with the Middle School Nationals and a busy weekend in College Squash. Lyall and Paul enjoyed the afternoon at the new Penn courts, watching half a dozen of our alums do us proud and remembering that they don't do nostalgia like they used to! Almost 30 S2ozzies were in action in the Middle School Nationals and also did big things - and you can read about our Philly-dominance HERE!

Big ticket items!

(1) Enter this Saturdays P2P! As always, our P2P's offer the best possible match play preparation for our players! You should sign up via US Squash here - or reply to this email with questions. Tough matches in a supportive environment with no ranking stress... it can't get better.

(2) February 15-17 is a busy weekend - maybe the biggest understatement of all time! We will have coaches at the EA Silver, the Baltimore JCT and the New Jersey Gold. Coaching through the Silver and JCT are part of our initial plans, however there will be an additional cost for players who wish a S2ozzie coach behind their court in NJ. Regardless of the event, please email Lyall directly to confirm you'd like our in game coaching!

Finally, good luck to all our proud S2ozzies this weekend and next. We are truly in the home stretch of the season and we can't wait to see the benefits of all our hours of hard work!

As always you can reply to this email with any questions or requests and we'll see y'all on the courts!

The S2 Coaching Team