GO Month Giveaway: Enter to Win a 4 Hour Organizing Session!

What is GO Month, you ask?

January is GO Month! This month-long celebration is organized by NAPO (the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals). 

As NAPO Oregon members, we are excited to celebrate this event in the hopes of empowering individuals, families, and businesses to regain control over their surroundings, time, and possessions. We're doing this by giving away a single 4-hour organizing session, a $380 value, to one lucky winner!

Our goal this month is also  to encourage YOU, our community, to ask questions and share tips about getting organized. After all, organization isn't a personality trait - it's a lifestyle. It is a learned skill, and learning requires curiosity, perseverance and some trial and error. We love helping our clients through that process, and we always learn new things alongside you.

Here's how the giveaway works:

Submit an organizing question or comment in one of two places: via this post on our Instagram Page, or the same version of the post on our Facebook page.

1. Open the post you want to participate on 
2. Follow the directions in the post. That's it!

We will be choosing a winner on Friday, January 24th.

Happy Organizing!

On the Blog

Word of the Year Ideas for 2020
by Veronica Bishop

We've always been cautious about New Year's Resolutions. Here's Why.

It is very common to set goals that are unrealistic or difficult to measure. Then we feel bad when we inevitably fail to stick to them. For many, this means the continuation of a cycle of  telling ourselves we are just NOT GOOD at that thing.

We've heard countless stories of organizing clients, mostly women, who fall into a pattern of shaming themselves because they failed yet again to stick to a diet or get organized. This has the adverse affect of making it much harder to accomplish anything, because we feel that we have already failed before we even begin.

So here's a suggestion. Rather than choosing a resolution, focus instead on a word for the year. This word can correlate to a general goal that you have. However, you should connect it to a positive outcome rather than a specific goal. Here are some of our favorites:

Portland Resources

Recycle Or Not?

We just stumbled across a great recycling resource and want to share it with you! Recycle or Not is an Instagram account that reviews commonly used household packaging and lets you know whether Metro accepts it in the curbside recycling.

This account does NOT give alternative recycling options for items that aren't taken, but you'll find that there are lots of helpful people in the comments section who give ideas.

You can find them by looking for the handle is  @recycleornot, or using the link above.

Local Resource: How to Donate Used Medical Supplies

A caring closet is a Clark County non-profit organization that provides gently used Durable Medical Equipment to those in need at no cost. They accept gently used durable medical equipment such as hospital beds, wheelchairs, walkers, bath benches, and adult briefs. They also accept microwaves, which they donate to Meals on Wheels!

Contact information: 210 W 4th St Vancouver, WA (at Boomerang Therapy Works) (360) 258-0039 HOURS: M-F 10am-2pm

For those who are homebound, A caring closet has volunteers who can pick up items. You can fill out a form on their donation page (below) to set that up.

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