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  October 2018
We're all in a bit of a transitional period with business bill-paying. Some paper bills still come via the U.S. Mail; however, you may also be getting some via email. Others may not even be sending bills/invoices: You might get a reminder email and have to go to the vendor's site to make a payment.
How do you keep track of it all so you don't miss any due dates? You could record them on a calendar, but you'd still have to go back to the actual bill to retrieve the amount. Then, where did you put the bill to be paid? Is it online, in your email inbox, in a file folder, or hanging on the wall?
QuickBooks can organize this unpleasant process, saving time and helping you avoid confusion. Need help setting up your process--CALL us! 256-337-5200.   Here's how it works.  

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NEW 2019 Software is Available and It's 2016 SUNSET Time!!

On May 31, 2019, Intuit will discontinue support for QuickBooks Financial Pro, Premier, QuickBooks for Mac 2016, and QB Enterprise 2016. You can continue to use these solutions, of course, but Intuit live technical support and add-on services like payroll, credit card processing, online banking and bill-pay are no longer accessible. We will continue to support all versions but recommend that you upgrade when you can.  Call us for a quote and to Order your 2019 software today!

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