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SUSTAINABILITY was initially a thought provoking word aimed at stimulating adoption of 'green living' lifestyle choices.

Behind the 'catchy word' was the goal of encouraging resource efficient and secure food, housing, health, and renewable energy in perpetuity. With the mounting issues of climate change and the affordable housing crisis in Hawaii, the 'idea' of sustainability is steadily transforming into the 'practice' of sustainability. 

Green living choices are now becoming integrated into our social fabric and physical infrastructure. 

HOW we build, WHERE our food comes from, WHAT energy we choose to use, WAYS to consume less, WHO best represents these choices among our elected officials. We are all in this canoe together, and learning to paddle more wisely.

2018 was a year where One Island quietly built multiple empowering demonstration projects - thanks to an intersection of local, state and federal support - that brought Hawaii Island tools and resources to support the practice of sustainable living with meaningful results. 

Looking forward to 2019 - we'll be active in Food System, Renewable Energy, Cultural Planning, Affordable Housing - and HEMP Education work!
Community   Food Access & Health Education 
Mahalo to Lisa, Rayna, Michael and Tianna - the Same Canoe Crew delivering food system change services .

2018 has been a busy year directly serving over 2,000 Hawaii Island residents through our flagship Same Canoe Local Food Challenge. 

Hosting workshops, farm tours, farmers' market tables and grocery store outreach has kept our team of six on the front line of food system change.

Over $33,000 in free produce coupons have been distributed to local SNAP EBT households to purchase locally grown produce. 

We now have 10 health clinic partners issuing Veggie Rx prescriptions that provide free fruits and veggies for high-risk SNAP households.

Canoe crops were featured in outreach and education events, and special heritage food displays have been drawing customer attention at 6 KTA stores and Choice Mart.

Our new Passport allows any island resident to receive points for attending food and health activities, and those points turn into entries in drawings for great gift certificates from local healthy restaurants like Under the Bodhi Tree and Mi's Waterfront Bistro.

Fresh, local foods from Under the Bodhi Tree (above) and Mi's Waterfront Bistro (right)

OPEN TO ALL island residents: To enter drawings for gift certificates donated by local or healthy foods restaurants, email your name and address to be sent your own Passport. See activity options to qualify on our community calendar.  Online classes start in 2019.

Addressing the Hawaii Housing Crisis

In 2005, One Island first approached USDA housing and County planning about supporting affordable, green living community building projects in Hawaii.

2006-2015, the organization built and developed projects with education centers in Honaunau and Kohala. During that period we hosted the Sustainable Living Design Challenge and managed the West Hawaii Sustainable Energy Project bringing over $1 million in solar energy to area homes, farms and business.

2016-2017, One Island circled back to the housing issue and began hosting community discussions about the lack of affordable housing in Hawaii. It began with addressing the urgent need for farm worker housing in order to increase the locally grown food supply and food security. More than 600 island residents attended these meetings that continued into 2018.

The planning vision grew to include affordable home ownership as well as workforce rental housing, and looked at homeless issues as well.

Planting Seeds for Change

In meetings with elected representatives and County departments, small steps forwards were made. But still, the progress moved so slow ... and the 2017 near-win in legislation met with a veto by the Governor.

In December 2017, One Island convened a meeting at the County Building in Hilo that included State Senator Russell Ruderman, State Representative Cindy Evans, County Councilmembers Jen Ruggles and Tim Richards, and the new County Planning Director Michael Yee. In that meeting we introduced our findings gathered in recent housing land trust trainings and from attending the national conference. Our suggestions were that the County not only address Tiny House options for farm workers and small farm owners, but look at the Community Land Trust model as a way to create a new affordable housing model.

In early 2018, One Island helped form the Hale O Malama Community Housing Land Trust with the goal of creating affordable rental and ownership housing to help fund and revive agricultural production in rural districts.

Then the volcano changed the landscape. Suddenly there were over a thousand newly homeless families, workers, and seniors. As the County and State worked to find solutions, a crack opened in the collective thinking. Necessity is the mother of invention, indeed.

Solutions that require rethinking land use zoning, building footprint and material rules, increasing access to community scale residential areas that remain affordable - all of these issues became front and center. And an opportunity has opened to re-think housing models island wide.

Affordable Housing News

We are pleased to report that December of 2018 saw a new Hawaii County-initiated community conversation discussing the housing crisis with a multiple of community  stakeholders. The well-attended meeting looked at real, concrete solutions already being used in other communities across the US. 

The Community Land Trust model was a central component of this conversation, with the Maui program - the first in the state - providing information on this viable option for future housing solutions (and with ways to convert existing housing stock into affordable housing).

We anticipate that multiple Community Housing Land Trusts will sprout up, designed to best meet local needs. More paddlers focused on the same horizon brings the ship to shore sooner!

Green IS a Verb - Do It!

Industrial Hemp has been Legalized!

One Island has been hosting community conversations about the many beneficial uses for industrial hemp. The great news marking the closing of 2018 is that Hemp is no longer classified as a Schedule One drug and can be legally grown anywhere in the US.  The 2018 USDA Farm Bill includes support for the new hemp industry. 

Hemp brings us high protein food, anti-inflammatory medicine, nourishing skin care, building materials, automobile insulation, paper, rope, furnishings, clothing and textiles - and no doubt more uses will now be developed. 

Hawaii can increase its self sufficiency by selecting ways to grow and process this beneficial plant that has the ability to stimulate substantial economic growth and security by reactivating unused ag lands.

Hemp H emp Hooray!

By Region
 One Island Sustainable Living 2018

Cultural Arts
Funded in part by the National Endowment for the Arts  
This project is recording cultural practices across multiple ethnic groups in North Kohala, mapping sites where cultural experiences take place, and projecting potential sites where improved cultural activities and built infrastructure could benefit and strengthen the local community.

 Affordable Housing
Founded Hale o Malama Community Housing Land Trust

Under training from the national community housing land trust organization, we are developing the ground work for a Hawaii Island housing land trust to provide affordable equity and rental housing. Potential sites are under consideration in Kohala and South Kona.
Farm Tours
Spicy Ninja Sauce
and Mauna Kea Tea
We hosted the first, fun Spciy Ninja hot sauce tour and co-promoted the Mauna Kea Tea annual open house tour.  Great to see creative food entrepreneurs in action.
Know your farmer!



Miloli'i Solar Energy Project
bringing solar electricity, refrigeration and water pumping to high need residents in a Native Hawaiian village.
'Ulu Coop
One Island assisted in promotion of the 'ulu products produced by the Coop and we served the Coop's delicious 'ulu hummus or mousse to over 1500 people at multiple events. Plus we are planting additional breadfruit ('ulu) trees at our farm center.


CSA AG Action
One Island is working with Adaptation's FRESH FEAST CSA to promote Community Supported Agriculture. Learn more or order online here. Thanks to the Awa Cafe for co-hosting our CSA Film Night in September!

Honaunau School Garden Market  
Student-grown produce is available at Honaunau School on select Fridays. Our AmeriCorps team members Michael and Rayna have been assisting the launch of this market stand that raises funds for student programs.

North & West Hawaii Passport

All residents of North and West Hawaii are welcome to request a learning Passport to earn points toward entry in gift certificate drawings. Attend a class, take a farm tour, learn to cook a new meal. Record your accomplishments on your Passport and turn it in to be entered in the drawings. Thanks to Under the Bodhi Tree and Mi's Waterfront Bistro for launching the drawings in 2019!

Big Mahalo!

AmeriCorps and the USDA have provided funding for our great crew performing a variety of community services in West and North Hawaii. From Solar Energy assessments to Canoe Crop promotion to Local Food coupons, the frontline work has been rewarding for both the providers and recipients.

 Mahalo to our Crew: Lisa, Manono, Michael, Rayna, Lisa and Tianna!


Ways to Support One Island's Work

Our 501c3 non-profit charitable organization welcomes donations to help serve our community. 

You can donate to a specific program (food, solar, the arts, etc.) or to the organization's mission as a whole. Donations are tax deductible as allowed. 

We also have several annual membership options that help foster our work.