Dr. Jean McGehee & Rev. James Buchanan
March 28, 2021

Entering into Our Jerusalem with Compassionate Living

Creative solutions to human created problems (opportunities) will not represent “my way” or “your way”- they will represent “our way”. The book "Crucial Conversationssays that solutions must be synergistic - meaning the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Such synergy manifests itself in better decisions, better relationships and a better decision making process – a form of personal freedom.* Our own Jerusalem experience! What a perfect lesson for those who took part in the original Palm Sunday and what a great lesson for humanity today. 

Palm Sunday 2021 is very special as we enter into the renewed life of Spring while emerging from personal and collective challenges and transitions.  Can you hear it – the shouts of “Hosanna!” as Jesus rides into Jerusalem? This day is an opportunity for us to pay close attention to Holy Week and take in how our world will change and how we will respond. How do we enter our Jerusalem?

As we reflect on the challenges of the past year, let’s choose to live the Truth we know through thoughts, words and actions filled with compassion and peace. On Sunday, Dr. Jean (Jeanie) McGehee will join me during my talk to discuss how we can more effectively experience compassion and peace. After all, if we say we want more peace and less conflict in our communities, doesn’t peace start with me? (that should be a song somewhere). Jeanie is a leader in NVC (Nonviolent Communication, AKA, Compassionate Communication), former board president and current administrator for one of our sister churches, Unity of Little Rock, and will share Sunday how practicing the principles of NVC have been part of her spiritual journey and how it can be a part of yours.

Jeanie and I will be teaching Crucial Conversation Skills during SEE week starting April 19th and we will give a preview of how it goes beyond words and language. It teaches us an ability to authentically connect with ourselves and other people and to respond to all situations with compassion and vulnerability. Sounds easy right? Then why isn’t the World doing it!? This process promotes peaceful, conscious living on a daily basis. After all, Charles Fillmore said metaphysically, "Jerusalem means authentic peace." Don’t we all want more Jerusalem in our life? I know I do!

Let’s Thrive,
Rev James 

*Talking about personal freedom will be a perfect bridge for our RG2 Young Adult Group’s get together this Sunday afternoon at 12:35! 
In case you missed it – watch our service from last Sunday

The Fillmore-ean Four

Sunday Music

Guest Artist: Trey Bourland
Trey Bourland is a classically trained vocalist and pianist in Dallas. He graduated from Baylor University with degrees in piano and voice and has been a member of the Dallas Symphony Chorus for six years. He is a recurring entertainer for various charity organizations in the DFW area.

Opening Song: "Hallelujah"

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Together we will be diving into the teachings of the Ruiz brothers, as we study their book "The Fifth Agreement". If you are looking for a place to get connected and empowered alongside people your age this is your chance!

Our first meeting will be March 28th at 12:35 pm in the Red House – we will also be offering this event on Zoom. Bring a snack, your book and an appetite for growth! We can't wait to see you there. Click here for link.
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Sunday, March 28
2021 Theme: Tools for Achieving Inner Peace in a Chaotic World
March explores Wisdom and Accepting Change as a spiritual practice.
Seekers Class 10 am-10:45 am
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