Entering the Invisible College 

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Blue Lava

For those of you that have started reading The Gospel of Sophia, you will understand why we love the video of this blue lava flowing off the Big Island. 

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Entering the Invisible College


This "soul's own being" is the human ego that must balance the past, present and the future in all considerations by wrestling with the imperfect and carrying it back to its origins in the perfect - the Mothers. This wrestling is a description of the development of thinking that exists in both realms of the perfect and imperfect. Thinking is both the lawfulness of the outer world of nature and the lawfulness found in the human soul and spirit. Thinking is the bridge between the "Mothers" of the past (Saturn, Sun, Moon) and the human being's astral body, etheric body, and physical body which were donated by the Mothers during ancient Saturn, Sun, and Moon. The ego of the human being was donated by Christ in the Earth incarnation and is represented by the giant Ophioneus wrestling with the serpent. Often, the serpent represents wisdom and self-awareness much like the Tree of Knowledge was the home of the serpent of knowledge of good and evil.

Mysteries of Shambhala

Esoteric history recognizes Shambhala as an actual land or district, the seat of the greatest brotherhood of spiritual avatars and their masters on earth today. At certain times in history, messengers or envoys for spiritual and intellectual work come to humanity from a place called Shambhala. This Great Brotherhood of Masters and Avatars has etheric lodges in various parts of the world, but Shambhala is the center or chief location. Theosophists locate it in a little-known and remote district of the high tablelands of central Asia, more particularly in Tibet.
According to esoteric teachings, Vishnu is surrounded by an Akashic veil of invisibility. Airplanes might fly over it and not see it at all. Armies of soldiers might pass through it and not know that it existed. It is said that some of the most valuable records of the human race are located in its libraries. There, surrounded by the greatest and most evolved human beings, the Silent Watcher of the Earth has his invisible abode.
The physical threshold of Shambhala is said to comprise two localities on Earth. These are actually physical doorways into the etheric realm. One of them is situated in the highlands of Asia, somewhere west of the meridian line passing through Lhassa, China. Long ago, this locality was a sacred island in a vast Central Asian inland sea, known as the 'abyss of learning' or 'sea of knowledge', and was accessible via subterranean passages. According to tradition, this place exists today as an oasis surrounded by the Gobi Desert.
The other doorway is said to be in a paradisiacal, primeval land in the far north. Sometimes this sacred land is said to be located in the center or navel of the earth, which refers to the North Pole as viewed above the pole. The northern paradise is often associated with a world tree, a world mountain, or pillar from which four rivers emerge, and a serpent encircles the world. All these symbolic features can be interpreted on different levels - terrestrial, astronomical, and spiritual. But clearly are descriptions of the tattvas or ethers. The World Tree is the Akasha ether branching out as four rivers in the other four ethers (warmth, light, sound, and life).

The Gospel of Sophia Series
Volume 1
The Biographies of the Divine Feminine Trinity
Volume 2
A Modern Path of Initiation

Volume 3
Sophia Christos Initiation

Surviving the Apocalypse


Are you in despair about what you read and hear on the news today? Do you wonder what you can do to help the world heal? Do you believe that we are in apocalyptic times or that we are approaching the 'war of all against all'? 

Do you wonder why a loving creator could take us this far on our journey as humans to have us come to such a cataclysmic ending?
Are there great master beings coming to save us? Is the rapture coming soon? Am I one of the chosen ones who will survive? Is there a way through the apocalypse of modern times?

Indeed, it seems like the world is more wicked than ever before in history, and we are more powerless than ever to unshackle the chains of economic, geopolitical, and religious slavery that were put on humanity many centuries ago.

But what if the purpose of the human journey is to awaken higher consciousness in each one of us? What if apocalyptic stories, which have always been in our cultural myths and religious stories since the beginning of time, serve a greater purpose in creating unending personal fear and terror to the point that we feel hopeless and helpless, full of despair, and incapable of fully understanding or solving the overwhelming problems in the world? 

Then, after exhausting all efforts to stay abreast of the latest shocking headline, we finally choose another way to see and be in the world. We turn towards prayer and spiritual comfort. We look for answers that exist beyond the machinations that lead us here in the first place. Perhaps there is a greater purpose for apocalyptic stories since they have always been with us. Perhaps the way out is walking through the very fear and terror that end-of-days stories create in us.