Entrance Matting: Buy or Rent?

When it comes to entrance matting, many facility managers consider mat rental because of the convenience.  However, economic indicators point to the benefits of purchasing entrance matting versus rental.

The national average for floor mat rental is .20 per square foot, so a standard 3 x 5 mat would run $3 per week.  Matting experts suggest having between 12’ to 15’ of matting at entrances to capture at least 3 footsteps of visitors, so this would translate into rental fees for three mats, or $9 per week, per entrance door. 

Let’s suppose your facility has just one entrance door.  In a month, rental costs for entrance matting would run approximately $36 or about $432 annually.  

You can
purchase a 3’ x 5’ mat for about $100 and have a choice of many colors, shapes, and types.  That means in the first year you would save over $330 to cover 15’ of entrance flooring at just one entrance. Imagine the savings with more than one entrance.   

Matting maintenance is simpler than most think.  Daily vacuuming is recommended to remove the day’s debris.  Many facilities currently renting matting are already performing this daily task.

Rental mat companies will change out dirty matting, saving facilities the task of cleaning the entrance mats. However, pressure washing entrance mats is not a difficult task and does not take an inordinate amount of time.  Most facilities already have a pressure washer on hand, so there is no additional cost involved in the purchase of this equipment. 

If the mat is particularly soiled, it will require using a cleaner with the pressure washer. We carry a product called “Level 7 All Purpose Cleaner”, a concentrated formulation for economy and mildly acidic to neutralize any ice melt residue. It is ideal for pressure washing entrance mats as it will not leave behind any detergent residue that encourages re-soiling. 

Rental mats are typically constrained to limited sizes and features.  If you have a large entrance area you are forced to rent multiple mats which increases cost and creates tripping hazards.  Purchasing your mats enables you to obtain the right sizes for your needs.

During the winter months, it is best practice to have a three-mat entrance system comprised of a scraper mat directly outside the building, a wiper mat placed in the entry or vestibule, and one more wiper mat inside the building to trap any remaining debris.

In addition, have air movers available to keep floors as dry as possible.

Let us help you in assessing the best entrance matting solution for your facility and start saving entrance matting dollars.

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