May 5, 2020
a weekly email of on-campus (now remote) and locally available entrepreneurial activities, events, and resources for the greater Dartmouth community
Upcoming Magnuson Center Programs
Entrepreneurial Internship Opportunities
The Magnuson Center will be holding two internship informational sessions for students interested in entrepreneurial internships for summer 2020 or who may have questions about the
Wily Initiatives Grant.

Each zoom session will have the same information, as well as time for Q&A. Any student can join either session, however we are offering it twice to be able to accommodate students from across
global time zones.
Wednesday, May 6
11PM EST Session

Students on the West Coast of the US, Australia, and Asia are likely best served by the Wednesday evening session at 11 pm EST
Thursday, May 7
10AM EST Session

Students in Europe, the UK, Africa, and on the East Coast of the US are likely best served by the Thursday morning session at 10 am EST
Check out the opportunities available now on our website

Students internships – technical and non-technical.
Summer, as well as immediate openings.
Questions - email Sam Carpenter -
Not a founder? That's okay! Gain valuable experience with an entrepreneurial internship.

(for undergraduates)

These are unprecedented times. We have heard from many students that planned and expected internships have been impacted. The Magnuson Center is here to help. We are offering internship grants up to $2,000 for 20 undergraduates. Our grants can support a remote internship at a startup (maybe even a Dartmouth startup), a social venture or some other "non-traditional" opportunity that you are passionate about.

If you have any questions, schedule an office hour with our team member, Sam Carpenter today. Her office hours can be scheduled here .

Deadline May 11
Need Seed Capital for Your Startup?
Apply Today for a Founder Grant
Deadline is May 11

Magnuson Center Founder Grants support the start and development of Dartmouth-founded ventures. Awarded Founders Grants are up to $5,000 each. Successful applicants and teams have ambitious entrepreneurial plans, exhibit solid background research of the idea, and demonstrate high commitment to both learning and executing on their ideas.

Founder Grants are open to Dartmouth undergraduate, graduate, and post-doc students, Dartmouth faculty, and Dartmouth staff who are either the founder or one of the co-founders of the venture. 
Tuck Startup Incubator Program 
Application Due Friday, May 8 @ 8pm

Program Overview

The Startup Incubator, a collaboration between the Tuck School of Business and the Magnuson Center for Entrepreneurship,  helps the entrepreneur to build the venture from customer discovery to implementation. This class simulates an incubator environment as teams work on different aspects of the business, such as selling, product development, financial modeling and fundraising, while working with fellow entrepreneurs and a robust group of mentors. This course accepts applications from Dartmouth teams with a Tuck student on the founding team. Tuck students are eligible to receive independent study credit for their successful participation in this experiential learning program.
  • Goal: To build and develop a venture.                               
  • Program: Weekly sessions in cohorts for collaboration and peer-coaching.
  • Entrepreneurship Day: A day to demo and test your venture.
  • Mentorship & Resources: Guidance from advisors, teach-ins from subject-matter experts, and shared resources.                    
Important Dates:

Application Due: Friday, May 8 @ 8pm
Zoom Interviews: Week of May 11 and May 18
Notification: Week of May 25
"Navigating Your Startup Through a Crisis"
Workshop Series
Session #5
Thursday, May 7 - Noon-1pm EST

"Founder Leadership"

(**Registration below required - Zoom details will be emailed prior to event**)
Jeff Kolovson '09
Hear from Co-Founder/COO of Faire on what its like to lead an e-commerce company during a global pandemic. Join the Magnuson Center for Entrepreneurship and alumni experts for a timely and practical discussion. In this moment of nearly unprecedented dislocation and uncertainty, startup founders should take stock to understand how their reality has changed and what that means for their companies moving forward. For many, hard decisions will need to be made, as customers, funders, partners and employees find themselves in changed circumstances.
Sessions to Follow (Noon EST) Include:

May 14 - Creating and Nurturing Virtual Community
May 21 - Marketing and Selling in a Remote Environment
Dartmouth Angels: A Global Perspective Webinar

Friday, May 8 - 1pm EST

“Pandemic Investing: Likely Impact on VC and Angel Investing”
In the evolving economic landscape for 2020 and beyond, advances in technology and medical sciences will often come from small start-ups and spin-offs. Because of this, the role of angel and venture investors will become even more critical.
David Bailin, Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer for Citi Private Bank shares his insights on how people are investing in public and private markets globally, what is happening in venture capital and private equity spaces and what this is likely to mean for angel investors.

Click here for more details and webinar registration. Event begins at 1pm EST.

Enter code “ dartmouth ” to receive the special member rate for this event.
Dartmouth Angels Gust Platform
If you are a startup looking for mentorship, capital, industry introductions and team members, we encourage you to sign up below and apply to have your startup included our new Gust platform. Likewise, if you are an alumni investor interested in providing know-how, mentorship and/or financial support to select Dartmouth startups, signup below. Finally, if you have no prior experience in angel investing and would like educational resources and to be part of the network of Dartmouth alumni investors, we encourage you to sign up today.
The Entrepreneurship Living Learning Community Weekly Zoom Meetup
Join us for Dartmouth Founder Stories
Monday, May 11, 6-7pm via Zoom
"Meet Startup Hive Battery Labs"

(**Registration below required - Zoom details will be emailed prior to event**)
Meet Eric Din '14, TH'16
Co-Founder and CEO
Eric Din ’14, TH’16  is the CEO and Co-Founder of Hive Battery Labs develops Li-ion battery test technologies to lower cell manufacturing cost of quality. Our mission is to help battery makers and users improve the cost, safety, reliability, and understanding of their batteries. Hive spun out of a power electronics research group at Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College in June 2016. We are funded through the National Science Foundation's SBIR program. Eric created platform to implement electrochemical impedance spectroscopy based diagnostics in a power converter for electric vehicle battery applications. Collaborating in development of integrated circuit for fully-integrated charge-transfer balancing and in-vehicle spectroscopic diagnostics. He graduated with a A.B. in Engineering and a minor in Chinese. Studied abroad for three months in Beijing, China on a language program. Served as team captain for the SAE Formula student team.
Monday, May 18, 6-7pm via Zoom
"Meet Startup Holden"

(**Registration below required - Zoom details will be emailed prior to event**)

Andrew Lim '14
Simon Zhang '14
Andrew Lim ’14 and Simon Zhang ’14 , HOLDEN’s co-founders, want to make the process of purchasing a ring transparent and painless. They first started a fashion jewelry brand called MUJO in 2016 and found that many of their customers were customizing their rings as wedding bands. They also heard a lot of horror stories and painful experiences customers had while shopping for wedding bands in traditional venues. So, in April of 2018 they launched HOLDEN, a jewelry company specializing in wedding bands that sets itself apart by offering an easy-to-navigate online shopping experience, a focus on inclusivity and sustainability, customization, and top-notch customer service. Using 3D printing, the company produces made-to-order rings that are personal and unique, without any middleman or markup. Andrew and Simon met at Dartmouth and are both members of the class of 2014. Andrew started the Dartmouth Coffee Club and Simon was a snowboarding instructor at the Dartmouth Skiway.
Magnuson Center Virtual Office Hours
"Ask Us Anything" with the
Magnuson Center Team
Wednesdays from 11:30am-12:30pm

A weekly opportunity to connect with our Magnuson Center team and get guidance for all your entrepreneurial needs, including mentorship, legal support, internship opportunities.

If you are interested in connecting, join us via Zoom HERE
Experiential Learning Office Hours

Interested in being more involved with the Magnuson Center, but don't know how? Have a question about one of our student programs or events? Schedule an office hour with our program manager, Sarah Morgan today.

If you are interested in an appointment, please sign up
Office Hours

Have a question about an idea, how to grow your startup, a recommendation for a new program, or are seeking career advice, then schedule an office hour with our Director, Jamie Coughlin today.

If you are interested in an appointment, please sign up.
DEN West Coast
Office Hours

Talk to Sam Carpenter about remote internships and virtual professional development opportunities. She is available weekly on Tuesdays 11am-2pm and Wednesdays 2pm-5pm EST.

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Office Hours

The Software Design Consultants team from Information, Technology and Consulting (better known as ITC) is here to assist you. They are happy to meet and discuss any technical issues as it relates to developing or growing your startup. Meetings will be on Tuesday from 12-1 Eastern

If you are interested in an appointment, please sign up.
Technology Transfer
Office Hours

Office hours are now available with members of the Technology Transfer team here at the Magnuson Center. They are happy to meet and discuss any intellectual property, licensing, start-up and other related topics. This is open to faculty, staff, students and alumni.

If you are interested in an appointment, please sign up.
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