The Power of Entrepreneurial Systems
During Economic Crisis
We are enduring what no living generation has experienced with a global health pandemic and a potential second Great Recession. Just as our communities are recovering from the 2006-2010 Great Recession, we now face another challenging and uncertain time. We did not issue a thought paper last month given the COVID-19 pandemic and all the adjustments we are making in our lives and work. Moving forward, our e2 newsletters and thought papers will share three common themes – restart, recovery, and resilience. These three words represent a call to action rooted in the hope that we will rebuild our lives, careers, communities, and economy. Across America millions of people and thousands of enterprises are innovating to get us to better places given our current stress and challenges. Our paper this month, Spotlight on the Hospitality Industry Relief Emergency Fund, provides an inspirational story from Kansas.
One final thought about resiliency. As never before, a commitment to robust resilience must be a lesson learned in the Pandemic Recession. We believe committing to entrepreneur-focused development and ecosystem building is foundational to greater resiliency. We will elaborate on this topic in future e2 newsletters and thought papers and welcome your ideas! Contact [email protected] to share.
Field News
Imagining Entrepreneurial Ecosystems in a Post-Covid World. Taking a global view of entrepreneurial ecosystems, Ben Spigel, Chancellor's Fellow, University of Edinburgh Business School, discusses what post-COVID ecosystems might look like. Read more.

The COVID-19 Crisis Shows the Logic of Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Building. Dell Gines shares his personal view on action steps ecosystem builders need to take during and post-crisis. Read more.

Building resilient rural digital economy ecosystems. In this Forbes article, Ahead of the Curve: How to Make Rural America A Priorioty During COVID-19, the authors highlight how rural residents can access new career opportunities during and after the Pandemic Recession.

Community foundations' role in resilience and recovery. In this Impact Lenders Podcast, hear Deb Markley, Senior Vice President, LOCUS Impact Investing, talk about the ways foundations can turn these challenging times into opportunities to rebuild economies that work for everybody.
Rural Rise Summit 2020
Originally scheduled for June 2020, this summit will now convene virtually, with registration details coming soon.
2020 ESHIP Summit
Given the evolving impact of COVID-19, the 2020 ESHIP Summit, originally scheduled for June, is rescheduled to August 23 - 25 in Kansas City. Continue checking the link below for updates.