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Over the decades we have learned at e2 that community building is foundational to growing high-performing entrepreneurial ecosystems. Entrepreneurs, their families and their employees and their families want to live, work and play in great communities. Housing, childcare, parks, schools, health care and broadband are just some of the community amenities essential for livable communities. Our podcast and paper focus on practical ways a community, by energizing its entrepreneurial talent in government, the private sector and nonprofits can support both essential and desirable community building.

In our newest paper – Entrepreneurs as Community Solutions – we explore the causes and potential solutions associated with this deepening crisis.
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Entrepreneurs as Community Solutions

In this edition of Pathways to Rural Prosperity Podcast Shelley Paasch of Kansas Main Street hosts Don Macke with e2 Entrepreneurial Ecosystems focusing on Entrepreneurs as Community Solutions. When we think about entrepreneurs, for-profit businesses ranging from mom and pop cafes on main street to growth-oriented locally-owned manufacturing plants. For all rural hometowns, community building related to housing, childcare, broadband and the like are very important. This episode focuses on how entrepreneurs can create innovative solutions for these community-building needs and wants.
Chris Gibbons on Entrepreneurship
Chris Gibbons, widely known as the founder of Economic Gardening, is also an international thought leader in the field of entrepreneurship. Chris has decades of rich experience catalyzing economic and entrepreneurial growth and is capturing his latest perspectives in a collection of new papers. A while back we prepared a paper on Economic Gardening and hosted Chris on one of our podcasts. For those of you wanting to learn more, check out these must-read latest resources. 
News Shorts
RuralRISE Conference. In September, RuralRISE hosted its national conference in Emporia, Kansas. The content was cutting-edge. Read a summary of the proceedings at https://www.ruralrise.org/

Daily Yonder – Keep It Rural. The Daily Yonder is possibly the best national rural electronic newspaper in the United States today. We are big fans. Their formats are easy to access, and we recommend anyone who cares about rural development sign up for and use this amazing journalism resource. To learn more, check out https://dailyyonder.com/

NetWork Kansas – Leading from the Ground. Kansas has received $69 million+ to support small business funding through the State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI) program from the Department of the Treasury. Kansas was among the first five states to receive funding and the state’s Department of Commerce is partnering with NetWork Kansas to implement the program. One of the longest-serving entrepreneurial ecosystems in the nation, NetWork Kansas will lean on its local teams across the state to deploy these dollars. Find out more about this incredible opportunity for business capital in Kansas at https://www.growks.com/.