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EnviroEquine Launches a New and Versatile Equine Supplement 
Wellington, Fla. - July 7, 2017 -  EnviroEquine is pleased to announce the launch of a new product to its existing line of all-natural supplements. Pet owners have long enjoyed the benefits of EveryDayBalance Pet, and the product's sterling reputation and favorable reviews has led to the creation of an equine-friendly version. Formulated to work in combination with your performance feed or alone for easier keepers, EveryDayBalance Equine is a versatile supplement that has a place in every horse's ration.

In a base of flax that provides plant-based omega-3 fatty acids, we have added research-proven performance minerals from Zinpro®, pre- and probiotics from Alltech, and vitamins including natural vitamin E. These ingredients will help sustain maximum performance in your equine athlete.

Fortified with almost 400 mg of zinc and over 100 mg of copper per serving, this product provides the daily requirement of these key trace minerals for an average sized horse helping to support strong hoof development, healthy skin and a radiant coat.
Added organic selenium supports thyroid function and key antioxidants, when combined with 500 IU of natural vitamin E, help performance recovery.

A full complement of live yeast helps promote a stable gastrointestinal environment to help your horse stay healthy as he faces the rigors associated with training and competition.
EveryDayBalance Equine is available in 3 convenient sizes, including a 2.5 pound pouch, perfect for saving space while on the road. Why not simplify your life?  Give EveryDayBalance Equine a try! 

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