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As we continue to build physical distance from each other amid COVID-19 concerns, the ERC is committed to providing education to help you continue to connect with nature and each other. Nature has an incredible power to help us calm, connect, and rejuvenate. Over the next few weeks we are excited to share our favorite environmental education resources and lessons for children and adults. 

We will post lessons to our social media accounts @ERCSunValley and will send a weekly round-up email with those lessons if you are not on social media.

We encourage you to share your ideas or your results if you do one of our activities. We're all in this together. 
Snow Science

Wednesday morning brought a fresh dusting of snow to much of the Wood River Valley.  This time of year, snow is falling and melting and there are so many experiments you can do with it. We took a measuring cup outside to gently scoop one cup of fresh snow. How much water will remain when this melts (that's the snow water equivalent)? 

This fascinating experiment is fun for all ages. Watch the snow melt, make predictions on how long it will take, how much water will remain? Follow-up discussions and activitie s can include studying snow crystals, snow melt, taking a walk to the river and noticing if the water level changes over the next few weeks, making paper snow-flakes from your recycled paper, comparing your results to a scoop of old snow, and so much more! Our partners at 
Winter Wildlands Alliance SnowSchool have even more resources for you online, they have even adapted their lessons to home school programs. 

Any predictions on the volume of water that remained? Respond to this newsletter, and we'll let you know if you were right. 

Sit Spot

The sun is forecasted to shine through the weekend, get out and enjoy it ☀️. We recommend finding an outdoor sit spot. A spot you can return to day after day to observe, paint, draw, meditate, or just be. As the natural world shifts to spring, take notes on how your sit spot changes. Students can measure sprouting plants, snow melt, the number of birds that fly by or anything else that sparks their interest! If you have a phone or camera, make a time-lapse.

#ERCSunValley with observations, questions, or anything else interesting you see!

Wood River Idaho Master Naturalists Facebook posts for photography tips and sightings by local naturalists. Let us know what you do in your sit spot, #ERCSunValley.

Junior Ranger Programs

Become a  National Park Service Junior Ranger by mail! Many national parks have Junior Ranger certifications that your student can accomplish from home. The Junior Ranger program helps students learn science, geography, and history while highlighting cultural and historical artifacts.

The Craft Knife blog has compiled a list of which National Parks have mail-in programs. 

The  Wood River Land Trust has also created a Draper Preserve Passport for families. Exploring outside, while practicing social distancing, is a great way to encourage curiosity and creativity an d boost your mood and energy.

Member Connection

Let's stay connected, even when we can't see each other! 

Julie Weston, author and ERC Member, shared her latest reading recommendations with us this week via her recent  blog post

Do you have a book, activity, quote, blog you would like to share with other ERC members? Email Alisa
How can we help?

Parents, teachers, community members, how can we help? We know that getting outside and connecting to the natural world has a multitude of health benefits. As a team of environmental educators, we want to know what content or support we can provide. E-mail Alisa with your ideas.  

In addition to supporting you through environmental education, we are supporting efforts of those who are addressing immediate, immediate community needs like The Hunger Coalition, Senior Connection, and Crisis Hotline.  

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