Fun For YOU!
What migratory species is the bird pictured above? Find the answer at the bottom of this newsletter. Photo by ERC member, Ernie Patricelli. 

We will continue to post lessons to our social media accounts @ERCSunValley and will send a weekly round-up email with those lessons if you are not on social media.

We encourage you to share your ideas or your results if you do one of our activities. We're all in this together! 
Help Us Serve You

Before we dive into our regularly scheduled environmental education fun, we have a request for you.

As part of its strategic planning process, the ERC is working with a team of Boise State University master's students to create an interactive survey for Blaine County residents and visitors. The goals are to capture local levels of environmental awareness, provide feedback on existing ERC programs, and indicate future areas of expansion.

Click here to take the survey.   
All About Birds

We are all about birds right now! With so many species migrating through or returning for the warmer months, it's a great time to get out there and bird. Can't get outside? Watch The Cornell Labs All About Birds cameras.

Have kiddos at home? Use materials from around the house to make some "binoculars".

Ready to take your birding to the next level? Our favorite apps are  e-bird and Merlin Bird ID. Merlin Bird ID will help you ID those birds you don't know (you can practice on the photo above)!

Go to the Zoo

We recommend joining the 
Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden daily safari each day at 1PM MST on Facebook Live. ERC staff have been tuning into this cute, fun, and informative livestream each day. Hope to see you there!

Don't have Facebook? Recordings are uploaded to the Zoo's website. If you have students at home, the Zoo's website has engaging at-home activities to do after you watch the livestream. 

Nature Hike Bingo

What can you find out there? With more time to slow it down on your outdoor walks, we challenge you to see what you can find! Here's a bingo board to help. 

Respond to this e-mail for a set of five bingo boards! 

Answer: Western Meadowlark

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