Envision Greater Green Bay was formerly BACC - Bay Area Community Council
A Growing Energy in NE Wisconsin
Latinx/Hispanic Youth on the Horizon
by Gratzia Villarroel, Ph.D.

When I took my Foresight Analysis training in 2019, Casa ALBA Melanie had been working for more than seven years to nurture the well-being and wholesome development of Green Bay's Hispanic community. My new task was to learn how to scan the horizon, analyzing sociological, economic, environmental and other predictive signals about the future of this segment of the Greater Green Bay community. Here I report on ten signals and the alternative futures they predict.
Diversity & Inclusion for Such a Time as This
a Conversation with Renita Robinson of Prevea Health
by Devon Christianson

“Have the tough conversations; stretch toward what seems out of reach.” That’s the advice of Prevea Health’s new Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion, Renita Robinson. This visionary change agent has moved into healthcare leadership at this critical "COVID-moment." She explains what Prevea can learn from tough times to help shape the best possible future for itself and the community. Read entire article here.
Census 2020 by the Numbers
Four Early Data Points to Consider

by Jamie Lynch, Ph.D.
The 2020 census brings new data to old stories of diversity and growth in Brown County. It’s still early, and more information will continue to become available, but here are four data points likely to shape the future of greater Green Bay. Read more...
Diverse Leadership Teams Perform Better
... and Gender-Diversity is Often the Key
by Nan Nelson
Inclusive corporate cultures have a competitive edge —better products, sales growth and share performance. Innovation, enabling success in today’s fast-changing, disruption-filled competitive world is the key characteristic of these inclusive companies. Companies with above-average gender diversity on their boards and top management are more likely to have these inclusive cultures. Read more... 
Foresight you can use today
Recommend by Tom Schumacher

Instead of drowning in everything that's going wrong, try a dose of what's going right. What Could Go Right? is the weekly newsletter of The Progress Network, with a focus on the facts behind the news, demonstrating where we’ve been and where we’re going. Learn what's being done to solve the world's most intractable problems, and follow global progress on everything from climate change to human rights.

Recommended by Nan Nelson

COVID 19 has accelerated the emergence of new occupations.
Educators hope to "future-proof" the ability to do newly emerging jobs. Research by the McKinsey Global Institute has examined the type of high-level skills that will become increasingly important as a result of automation, AI and robotics. They've identified a set of 56 foundational skills needed for future jobs, no matter the sector or occupation. The most important proficiency? Adaptability!

Gender data bias is causing real world problems, according to new research. Caroline Criado Perez, in her new book, shows how a “gender data gap” costs money, degrades public health and encourages discrimination. Pervasive male-default thinking makes "female" a niche identity. I recommend the book. 

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