Concerned Citizens for Avila
A Community Action Group
June 18, 2018
Together we can protect the natural environment, 
safety and accessibility of Avila.
Next Envision Avila June 28
Snack and Chat Before Meeting
The next Envision Avila meeting is Thursday, June 28, 2018, at the Avila Beach Community Center,191 San Miguel Street, Avila Beach, 6:30 - 8 P.M.

See meeting announcement flyer HERE.
Envision Avila website HERE.

Please join us before the meeting for a Community Get-Together hosted by Concerned Citizens for Avila, 5:45 - 6:30 P.M., outside in the Healing Garden.
Large Projects Update
Current project proposals for Avila Beach are growing in number and scope. The ones we've been tracking include:
  • Chevron's resort application for Avila Point.
  • King's resort application for property off Ontario Road.
  • A new application for 22 clustered residential units off Ontario Road.
  • Numerous small projects in Avila's beach community, including vacation rentals.
  • The looming threat of a Wild Cherry Canyon application for 1,500 to 15,000 homes.
In addition, there are two recent development applications, one to build a large resort on the golf course and another for a Cottages Resort on a parcel west of the San Luis Bay Inn. Both applications have significant impacts and raise many concerns.
  • The Golf Course application states temporary events for up to 5,000 attendees are allowed as "accessory uses" and need no permit and states Open Space Easements do not restrict proposed uses. Emergency evacuation is proposed through San Luis Bay Estates. The traffic study omits evaluation of and mitigation for project impacts during summer weekends.
  • The 50 units proposed for the Cottage Resort are part of the San Luis Bay Estates Master Plan. However, a proposed restaurant and additional development both require Master Plan amendments and the site contains sensitive archaeological resources.
Concerned Citizens for Avila successfully advocated a Community Plan Update and Envision Avila is underway. 

Large development should be on hold until the Update is adopted to fulfill the Update's purpose of guiding future development.

Be sure to come to the next Envision Avila meeting, June 28, 6:30 p.m., at the Avila Beach Community Center.
Wild Cherry Canyon Lease 
Validity Questioned
In an excellent article by Tom Franciskovich in the June SLO Life magazine, the validity of the long-term leasehold interest owned by HomeFed to Wild Cherry Canyon is called into question. This may have a significant impact on the value of HomeFed's interest and raises the importance of the underlying fee-title interest held by a PG&E subsidiary. 

According to Central Coast Conservation & Friends of Wild Cherry Canyon, "If PG&E doesn't pass its fee title to HomeFed, conservation of the land appears more likely. (HomeFed has suggested that it won't develop WCC without the PG&E interest, and this article may just reveal why.)"

Mr. Franciskovich says, "There may be no greater time than today to do a deal with a spotlight now shining on the lease."

Read the full article HERE.
Memorial Day Traffic crawls along Avila Beach Drive.
Input Needed for Diablo
Engagement Panel
The Diablo Canyon Decommissioning Engagement Panel held it first meeting last month.  As you know CC4A supports conservation of  Wild Cherry Canyon (part of the Diablo lands) and will be monitoring developments from the Panel.

Panel member Sherri Danoff welcomes your input.  Oral testimony at Panel meetings is important. W ritten comments can be submitted anytime to a Panel member or PG&E. 
Contact Sherri at 805.595.2208;

HERE is the Panel's meeting schedule.
Small Fire, Big Reminder
A ring of fire spotted Thursday evening, June 7, adjacent to Avila Beach Drive where San Miguel Street intersects, stirred scary emotions as people remember the tragic fires last year. We are grateful there was easy access so Cal Fire could quickly douse the flames.