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June-- 2020
Update about the
Marianist Faith
Education Center
Managed by Canadian Laity

Since July 2018, the small Marianist Faith Education Center, located near Quebec City, in Quebec Province, has been managed by a team of lay Marianists.

The last two members of the SM who lived there have moved to join their community. The mission continues thanks to a whole team of collaborators, including members of the SM.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Center's founding. To mark the occasion, a project is underway to build a path of evangelization and faith education on the large property. This will be done over several years.

We hope that young and old alike will be able to take this path to discover various journeys that will make them grow in their life of faith, discover the beauty and tenderness of God in his creation, and that it will lead them to a personal encounter with the Lord in prayer.

We are very happy that this initiative is taking place during this "Laudato Si'" year which Pope Francis has requested, and which will take place from May 24, 2020 to May 24, 2021. The pictures show the beautiful grounds around the Education Center.

Praise be to you, Lord!

Josee Roberge,
National Responsible
French Canada

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French Canada  
This will go down in history! 
A health crisis of such magnitude affects the entire planet and MLCs have had to reinvent themselves, as have all institutions, companies, schools ... and even the Church.

Fortunately, many of us have been able to keep in touch through the Internet and the telephone. We had several Marianist formation meetings by videoconference and throughout the month of May, we prayed the Rosary together while inviting non-members to join us.

The Marianist Centre, which is our usual gathering place, was closed from March to June while continuing the mission at a distance. Many of our members were overworked while others were unable to do anything. This resulted in a lot of creativity to "get out" without leaving our homes.

As I write these lines, it is still impossible to gather or to celebrate the Eucharist. We have much to learn from this pandemic: May the Holy Spirit guide and enlighten us about what kind of Church the Lord wants for us in the future!

Josee Roberge
National Responsible,
French Canada

Race Matters!
Marches, protests, riots, discussions and “Unity Walks” are occurring all over the US since the killing of George Floyd by a white police officer. His gut-wrenching death, caught on video, finally sparked a national, even international, reaction!

I’m a Boomer and lived through the 1960’s and early 70’s. I grew up in the Brown v. Board of Education city of Topeka, Kansas, and I’ve seen lots of change in race relations—in our country and in my own family. But we have so much farther to go!

This time the change is lead by Millennials and their intentions are peaceful demonstrations, showing lots of video evidence of injustice in real time. The videos graphically show the insidious impact of white privilege in our country in terms of race relations. It makes white people like me feel uncomfortable and defensive, and sometimes sparks rage in communities which scares us all!

Michael O’Loughlin had a recent podcast interview of Fr. Bryan Massingale, professor of Ethics at Fordham University. It was a very interesting conversation because Fr. Massingale said what I had been feeling but not able to put into words about the Church’s stand on race relations.

Here is the link to that interview: Podcast

I invite you to listen and share it with others if you believe it could help open some dialogue about race relations and white privilege.  

It is time we start conversations about the next steps that need to happen in race relations in this country. I don't want this to be a flash-in-the-pan moment. Let's ensure it is a time in which we challenge ourselves to own up to our sins of transmission and omission, and move forward with significant changes toward a more just and equitable world.

Marceta Reilly

 Let Us Pray...
Marianist Prayer for Ending Racism

Holy Mary, to whom we have consecrated our lives, we join with you in prayer.

We seek the grace and understanding to be converted from the sin of racism that has infected our society for so many years.
Help us not be in denial of the power systems that still give some privileges at the expense of others.
Help us to use our power and influence in our communities, families, schools, parishes and other institutions to assure appreciation and respect of all cultures.
We are grateful for our call to live and spread the community spirit in which the Body of Christ flourishes and celebrates various gifts and talents.

Show us the steps we must take to counteract racism.

We pray in the name of Jesus, asking your intercession.
Amen .

from:  Calling the Marianist
Family to Renounce
the Sin of Racism

A Call to Action
from the Marianist
Social Justice

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  • July 16 Our Lady of Mount Carmel

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