Ephesus University - Landmark
Ephesus University, an Ivy League institution, is Titan City’s oldest university and enjoys a peerless reputation in the humanities. It has a longstanding rivalry with nearby TIAS. The university campus contains lecture halls and offices dating from as early as 1910 (Clark Hall) to as recent as 2008 (the peculiar and gaudy Harlin Brown Law Center). Between the buildings, many of the streets have been closed off and replaced with walkways, mid- to late twentieth century sculpture, and green spaces.

The university tends not to be a place of frenzied combat unless you are a declared villain. Science-oriented signature characters/contacts will appear around the science buildings. Members of the Arcane Sentinel may be found here, usually doing research. A variety of cause-oriented groups can found here, trying to recruit members to their ideologies. Corporations might also send a recruiter here from time to time. Agents of Revolution, with its message of “fight the power,” is particularly popular among college students, and its recruiters are especially common. Finally, university police also patrol the campus.
The Clock Tower Building

Pictured above to the right is the EU Clock Tower building. The most recognizable landmark on campus, this collegiate Gothic structure of gray stone is topped by a bronzed clock and shows signs of early Art Deco influence, but is otherwise similar to Victorian-era examples. There is a rooftop access door and a low ledge around the very top. It's one of the highest buildings on campus and its exterior is an attempt to capture the Gothic style of older nearby universities along the east coast.

Constructed as part of the rebuilt campus, it is only slightly younger than the venerable Clark Hall, having been mostly completed in 1916, although some of the finishing touches were delayed by the Great War. Its robust skeleton let it weather Hurricane Atlas mostly intact.

During Hurricane Atlas, pretty much all the glass in the structure, including the clock faces, was damaged or outright blown out. Restoring it completely was not completed until 2009, so the windows along the middle stories were boarded over for years. The current glazing is far more shatter-resistant.

Since its recent restoration, the university administration has been careful to keep it from falling into the slightest hint of disrepair.
Clark Hall

On the left in the picture above is Clark Hall. The oldest building on campus, completed not long after the fire in 1910, Clark Hall is a plain, neoclassical building adorned with gargoyles at its top. It contains a few classrooms but now consists mostly of faculty offices with cracked, tilted linoleum floors, connected by a maze of corridors, elevators and stairways built and rebuilt haphazardly within its structure over the past century.

At every well-established university, there's always at least one building that should have been torn down decades ago, but has been retained because, well, it's the oldest one that can still be kept in usable shape. Clark Hall fills that role at Ephesus University. Built shortly after the fire in 1910, it has the expected neoclassical brick exterior, but the pressure to get rebuilt after the great fire shows in ways both large and small. Only a few classrooms remain, and the rest of the building is a mix of original offices and former classrooms refitted with cubicle walls for the junior faculty and administrators.

During Hurricane Atlas, Clark Hall escaped all but fairly minor cosmetic damage. It's rumored that one of the faculty used magic or psi powers to shield the building.

As the oldest part of campus and one of its public faces, Clark Hall sees many important people come and go, as well as faculty. The classrooms are rarely used for regular student lectures, instead reserved for colloquia aimed at faculty or the press.
Harlin Brown Law Center

Pictured above is the notorious Harlin Brown Law Center. Ephesus University’s law school building was completed in 2008, thanks to a grant from Harlin Brown, the city’s most prestigious law firm. It is a bizarre-looking, Postmodern buildingstrung together in a combination of long curves and sharp angles. Completion of the building raised the law school’s all-important U.S. News ranking from fifteenth to fifth.
Harlin Law Center has been called an abomination of "trendy" modern architecture by some, and monument to the prestige of a local law firm by others.

If there isn't a major construction somewhere on campus, it's not a real university. Unfortunately, sometimes that unsightly construction site is replaced by an even more unsightly example of some trendy new architectural school. The Brown Law Center is such a beast, a mix of brick, concrete and walls of glass blocks and panels, mixing long curves and sharp angles in a way that you'd swear was the result of a drunken dare at the architectural firm.

Fortunately, only law students are forced to spend time in it.
New Pantheon Building - Mogul:

Ephesus University is also the site of one of Titan City's mogul buildings - the New Pantheon building.
This structure is a replica of the ancient pantheon of Rome and sits on the main square of Ephesus University as one of the many interesting buildings on the square that make it a place of architectural interest.
Students of history at Ephesus University use the site as a location to learn about the Roman world. You can learn more about the Roman Pantheon and its history here: link.
There are many unique sites to visit at Ephesus University beyond the most famous listed above. The university stairs fountain is a location many students like to sit at for lunch break:
The neighborhood of the university has many locations where students meet such as the University Book Store pictured below:
There are many unique buildings and sites to see at the University Square:
There are many departments for different areas of study, like the theater department housed at the auditorium below:
There is also a hospital connected to the University that is a familiar site to many of the heroes who find themselves in brutal battles.
There is also a university stadium used often for games and events:
Ephesus University will be an entire area to explore with many interesting spots to hang out in, find missions and engage in battles taking place in Alexandria!