A Word from the Rabbi

Rabbi Paltiel

An entry from my personal diary - April, 13, 2015

This morning during Shachris (morning services) we were short a tenth man for the minyan. I texted my friend Scott Matty asking if he'd come over. He's never before attended our morning services but he's a really nice guy who I knew would help if he could. He said sure and came right over. I wrapped tefillin on him, something he had done only once in his life, at his Bar Mitzvah, before doing it a second time with me at Rob Salzbank's home during Shiva for Rob's father back In October). He grabbed a siddur (prayer-book) and sat down, minding his own business.

Weekday Morning services are quick. They begin promptly at 7am, by 7:45am they're done. When I said goodbye and thanked Scott for coming, he said he actually would like to stay for the 30 minute Shmooze & Shmear (bagels, coffee and some Torah discussion). I was surprised, and delighted. Wow, how great is that! Scott is staying for Torah study!

At approx. 11 o'clock he's back at Chabad. He walks into the office and asks Gina how he could purchase a pair of tefillin of his own. Gina intercoms me "with the news:" "Rabbi, you got another tefillin man!" I make a bee-line to the front office to see who the culprit is. OMG SCOTT WANTS TEFILLIN! Again, I'm delighted! And surprised. No, I'm shocked. He explains: "I've been talking to G-d and I just decided I should have a pair of Tefillin." No argument here... Wow, it doesn't get better than this for a Shliach! We go to my office and place the order by phone.

My next surprise comes the next morning. It's 6:58am, I pull into the parking lot at the Shul when an unfamiliar car pulls into the next spot. It's Scott. He decided he should be in Shul in the morning. He's a yid, he's gotta stay in touch with Hashem and his people. He stays for Shmooze & Shmear, and comes back again the next day, and the next...

Modernity has been wonderful to our people in many ways, but it does have a way of 'taking Jews out of Judaism' at times. But it can't 'take Judaism out of the Jew'. Uh uh! Aint happening!

Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Shalom M. Paltiel

P.S. Guys, join me any morning at Shul. Or choose one weekday to be "your day" to start your day "with the boys" at minyan. Go ahead, make my day!

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WATCH: Holocaust Survivor Tells Netanyahu to Prevent Another Holocaust

On the eve of Israel's Holocaust Remembrance Day, a survivor beseeches PM Netanyahu to prevent such a tragedy from ever happening again.

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In the News

Lubavitcher Woman Saves Entire Airplane

A young Lubavitcher woman most likely saved the lives of a plane full of people when she suspected a malfunction with the aircraft just moments before takeoff. Despite being mocked and ridiculed, her insistence lead to the plane being grounded after a serious malfunction was discovered.

The young woman, a member of the Crown Heights community, was scheduled to return from a trip to Israel, where she spent the holiday of Passover...

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Question of the Week
Question of the week
The Kabballah of the Tallit
By: Rabbi Aron Moss | Sydney, Australia

Question: What is the deeper significance of the Tallit?

Answer: The main idea of Jewish prayer is to connect to G-d. But how can a finite, limited human being connect to an infinite, unlimited G-d? Really, it should be impossible. But G-d wants a relationship with us, so He "limited" Himself. He did this by expressing Himself in creation. The world we live in is actually an expression of G-d. Just like a piece of music is an expression of the musician who wrote it, and a painting is an expression of the painter, so too this world and everything in it is G-d's work of art. We can't see G-d but we can see His creation. So just like by looking at a painting or hearing a song we can get a feeling of who the artist is, by observing the beauty of this world, its complexity and its rhythms we can begin to appreciate G-d...


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This Shabbat we will be celebrating the Bar Mitzvah of Ross Lauterbach. A Kiddush luncheon will follow the service sponsored by the Lauterbach family.

Bar Mitzvah boy Ross Lauterbach

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Brian Steinwurtzel 4/16
Shelly Steinwurtzel 4/17

Andrew Neuwirth 4/18

Allan Hyman 4/19

Alan Jaffe 4/19
Gabriel Noorani 4/19
Shay Ginzburg 4/20
Rhoda Kaufman 4/23

Marvin Gitnik, (Michael ben Pesach) 4/17/2015 | Nissan 28, 5775
observed by Avner & Lisa Maloul

Pola Burstein, (Pola bas Dovid)
4/20/2015 | Iyar 1, 5775
observed by

Michael & Adele Greif

Baruch Samuel, (Baruch Yehudah ben Shmuel Mordechai)
4/21/2015 | Iyar 2, 5775
observed by

Michael & Deborah Samuel

Sheila Shenfeld, (Sura bas Shmuel)
4/22/2015 | Iyar 3, 5775
observed by Stephen & Wendy Shenfeld

Ruth Ellen Zucker, (Rivka Elka)
4/23/2015 | Iyar 4, 5775
observed by Elissa Zucker

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Daily Thought
Life in a Day

Before you were formed in the womb, your days were numbered and set in place. They are the chapters of the lessons you came here to learn, the faces of the wisdom this world has to teach you, the gateways to the treasures this lifetime alone can bestow.

A day enters, opens its doors, tells its story, and then returns above, never to visit again. Never—for no two days of your life will share the same wisdom.

Hayom Yom, 17 Cheshvan; Naso 5737:6.

The Parshah In A Nutshell
Parshat Shemini

On the eighth day, following the seven days of their inauguration, Aaron and his sons begin to officiate as kohanim (priests); a fire issues forth from G‑d to consume the offerings on the altar, and the divine presence comes to dwell in the Sanctuary.

Aaron's two elder sons, Nadav and Avihu, offer a "strange fire before G‑d, which He commanded them not" and die before G‑d. Aaron is silent in face of his tragedy. Moses and Aaron subsequently disagree as to a point of law regarding the offerings, but Moses concedes to Aaron that Aaron is in the right.

G‑d commands the kosher laws, identifying the animal species permissible and forbidden for consumption. Land animals may be eaten only if they have split hooves and also chew their cud; fish must have fins and scales; a list of non-kosher birds is given, and a list of kosher insects (four types of locusts).

Also in Shemini are some of the laws of ritual purity, including the purifying power of the mikvah (a pool of water meeting specified qualifications) and the wellspring. Thus the people of Israel are enjoined to " differentiate between the impure and the pure."