I know my leave of absence beginning in July is causing some inevitable stress for the department, but I want to underscore that my new role is a communal success for all of us. I will have the opportunity to help JAMA journals move our U.S. healthcare industry in a more equitable direction.

And I would not have been on JAMA's radar were it not for the amazing, prolific work you all have done over the past five years: the DEI work led by Meghan Morris and embraced by all of you, the exceptional education programs piloted by June Chan, the growing number of ambitious training programs for learners at all levels, and the quantity and quality of scientific papers you have published diving deeper into questions of equity put our department at the forefront of this scientific wellspring. It has been a tremendous honor and pleasure to serve this department.

I'm confident that I'm leaving you in good hands, and that interim chair Mark Pletcher and the executive team will continue to steer our department into great and inspiring work and meaningful support and recognition for staff. For my part, I'm very much looking forward to finding new ways to support and collaborate with you.
- Kirsten