TRAINING - Thank you to Dr. Angela Fanelli for sharing her experience! We enjoy helping our participants succeed and gain new skills.
Our Spring class sold out with 30 participants from 10 different countries! Due to popularity, we will be running another Modeling Food Safety and Animal Health Risks Using R class in September 2021, early registration discount available for a few more days.
With over 100 exercises and quizzes, our online training class is truly hands-on!
"The course instructors are the real strength of this course. They are friendly, super skilled and very capable of answering complex questions from participants during live sessions and in the forum. The topics selected and covered in the course are the very foundation of risk assessment and the modules are presented clearly and easy to follow. A fundamental part of the course are the exercises (with solutions) to be implemented between classes. I really recommend this course to all scientists interested to [sic] quantitative risk assessment." - Class Participant.
Modeling Food Safety and Animal Health Risks Using R online class >>
RESEARCH & CONSULTING - The Covid-19 pandemic has made risk and its analysis more relevant than ever. Risk analysis can help us answer many questions related to risk.
Our consultants have a vast experience in many risk modeling applications. Here is a few things that are keeping us busy these days:
Did you know? Some of our work is done under strict confidentiality, (from the famous words of Tyler Durden: "The first rule of Fight Club is: You do not talk about Fight Club.") - but whenever we can, we present our work at conferences, in peer-reviewed journals, or as case studies on our website.

Invited Speakers at Conferences:

Celebrating new EpiX team members, each bringing unique skillsets.
Gavin Fenske, PhD, Postdoc Researcher Dan Taylor, DVM, PhD, Consultant
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