How to measure product pricing when determined by regional controls
Regulatory Uncertainty and QRA
Imagine you were living in a time of great regulatory could you try to understand the impacts of the many possible changes on your firm's profits? We helped our client, a pharmaceutical company, with the development of a Monte Carlo model to assess the sales and bottom-line impact in the face of changing reimbursement regulations.

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Quantitative Risk Analysis with R

Want to become more adept at performing accurate and effective quantitative risk analyses? Our QRA with R course will get you there! This class helps you understand the core principles of quantitative risk analysis and the most important risk modeling techniques using the R statistical language. The best practices of risk modeling will be covered along with how to select the appropriate distribution for your model, the use of data and expert opinion, and how to avoid common mistakes.

EpiX' QRA with R course is scheduled for May 1-4, 2017 in Fort Collins, Colorado. Check out the QRA with R daily course content and course prerequisites .