To Help us Help  Tornado Victims 

Tornado ResponseApril 28, 2011 



The tornado outbreak that occured yesterday in much of the South is being described by weathermen as "epic" and "historic", for individuals who have lived through it though; "utter destruction" and "nightmare that doesn't end" are the phrases used.  The death toll is rising, as of this morning 198 lives have been confirmed lost.  The level of grief, loss, injury, and devastation can't be measured in numbers or stats. 
CitiIMPACT Ministries is mobilizing our first response teams.  Will your church form and send a team to lend a helping hand, a hug, a small glimpse of hope?  Here is an opportunity to show Christ's love to those desperately hurting.  We are partnering with local churches on the ground and plan to have a base camp established by the end of the day.
We are also accepting donations to go towards the relief efforts.  Financial contributions, gift cards (gas, Wal-Mart, Home Depot), and palletized items (water, food, cleaning supplies) are most useful at this time.  Our long time partner, Mathew 25 Ministries, contacted us and is preparing to send the first semi load of supplies to the region for CitiIMPACT to distribute!
Contact us today to let us know how you will respond to this great need.  We'll keep you updated on needs, opportunities, and progress as we can.
Grace and Strength,
JD and Toni Smith