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October 8, 2018 UPDATE
Dear all,

In our usual habit of keeping our students, alumni, colleagues, and friends informed about current epidemics, we wanted to send a brief note.

As many of you have experienced in the clinic or in your homes, we are in the middle of an early season viral infection that is presenting in both children and adults.Here’s what we’ve seen so far:

In young children, the patients will need their chronic remedy if (even new) symptoms are still covered by that remedy. But some kids become fussy and very clingy and capricious to one extent or another. Chamomilla has done the trick. It may not be as extreme as you would think for Chamomilla, but when the shift is in that direction, think of this remedy.

In adults, the two most common remedies have been Nux vomica and Phosphoric acid. As a throw back to flu season several years ago, Nux vomica presents with chills and cough. Most interestingly, Phosphoric acid has worked very well where there is deep fatigue and lassitude as the primary symptom. It can look a lot like Gelsemium, but that remedy has not worked; recall Phosphoric acid.

And if you remember, shoot us (please, a brief!)  email with your experience.
Below are some other naturopathic approaches to remember for both prevention & treatment of winter ailments.

All the best for a good, healthy winter,
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Historically Dr. Herscu sends out epidemic updates when he feels the situation warrants it, often with his insights on the current homeopathic genus epidemicus.

We have set up a blog for the sole purpose of hosting these epidemic updates. On this site, you'll find archive links to the timely updates sent out since 2001; from the Anthrax Scare, to the Swine Flu, the tainted dog food issue, the issues surround radiation after the Japanese earthquake, the Ebola outbreak, and all the various other seasonal epidemics in between.

If you want to read more about treatment during epidemics, re-read Herscu Letters #33-38 or you can order them here.

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Dr. Rothenberg shares two articles below on naturopathic prevention and treatment of flu that you may find helpful as cold & flu season approaches:

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