Epiphany ll

Please join us for Holy Eucharist

Sunday, Jan 16th, 2022


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Welcome The Rev. Joseph Cundiff this Sunday.

This Sunday, Rev. Cundiff will be standing in for Rev. Campbell.

Please welcome him to Christ Episcopal Church.

A recent graduate of Berkeley Divinity School at Yale, Joseph is currently serving as curate at St. Luke's East Hampton. As a Korean American, he is passionate about exploring and enriching the Asian American Christian experience. He enjoys sports like soccer, rugby, and surfing.

DeAne Lagerquist, The Wedding Feast at Canna

A hundred thousand miracles are happening every day*

Weddings lasted a whole week in Jesus' time. Notice in the picture that people are dancing and eating and drinking. Putting on a good party meant the newly wed couple would have joy and fullness of life in their marriage.

This is why they need to call in Jesus so the family would not be disgraced by running out of wine. That would indicate a marriage that would end at the half way mark. God wants for all of us to have life and have it fully. God thinks we are made very well, created as we are in God's image -- to do God's work -- to restore paradise.

Everyday God is throwing a party for us and all God asks is that we get out on the dance floor and participate. We don't deserve it. We can't earn it and yet thankfully God believes that the party will not be complete without each of us.

In the movie "It's A Wonderful Life" when friends move into their new home, Mary brings three items and blesses their family:
Bread that this house may never know hunger
Salt that life may have flavor, and
Wine that joy and prosperity may reign forever.
If Jesus can turn water into wine, what can he do for you? Pray each day that Jesus will guide and direct your life. Look for and expect miracles in your life. Remind others that life is a party and it wouldn't be complete without you!
The Rev. Karen Campbell

*From Rogers and Hammerstein's "Flower Drum Song"


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Star of Wonder star of might, star with royal beauty bright

Westward leading still proceeding, Guide us with thy perfect light.

Be of Good Cheer.

Listen to our presiding Bishop’s message below:

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry speaks on January 6th, 2022

Lovely news from St. John's Hospital regarding our



The family quoted in their letter to all who participated

is a quote from the family we supported!

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Maureen's Haven"

Together we bring dignity and comfort to others & ourselves!


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January 30th.


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