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Morning Prayer

Epiphany, Sunday, Jan 9, 2022


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When I have taken one of those magazine quizzes and they ask: 

“It is Saturday evening. Would you rather

Stay home and read a book?"or "Go to a party?”

I have always answered, “Go to a party!”

Being home alone has never appealed to me. I am a true extrovert!

As some of you know, my husband Graham recently had a stroke. He has been in West Hampton Rehab since Dec 11th. While there, he contracted Covid. So far he is asymptomatic. In order to be careful to not infect anyone else, The Campbells will be staying home this Sunday.

Please come and support Roz Dimon,

who will be leading Morning Prayer.

The Rev. Karen Campbell

The Epiphany Party has been cancelled.

The pic above is from our last party!

Keep the faith and cherish the memories.


Let’s take back January 6th EPIPHANY!

Watching our television last year, we could hardly believe our eyes. Some might question, “Was this a remake of the film White House Down?” Where was the one hero from the film? The Capitol police were terrific. Where were the reinforcements? Where was the cavalry? Where was help?

January 6th is now shorthand for insurrection. However, as members of The Church, January 6th is Epiphany, Twelfth Night, the twelfth day of Christmas. The day on which the Kings arrive at the stable. The day we acknowledge that Jesus is the Messiah and the King of Love for the whole world.

January 6th and the season to follow is called Epiphany. It is a time when The Light of Christ shines over the world. Our scripture in this season tells us who this Jesus is. We hear the story of the Wedding Feast at Canna where Jesus preforms his first miracle turning water to wine; The Spirit of the Lord descends on him in the synagogue; The people turn against Jesus; He teaches from a boat and causes a miraculous catch of fish; he preaches the Beatitudes. This is a season of light and love for The Church. Do not let the images of last year mangle this season's LIGHT for you.

Last January 6th was horrifying. We know that several of the Capitol police that were on duty that day died of their wounds, and some were so injured that they later committed suicide. It breaks our hearts even more that our common sense of humanity has been further mocked by the insensitive remarks that have followed January 6th, along the lines of 'Nothing bad happened,' etc.) Surely their light must be honored along with all who were attacked at our nation's Capitol.

Epiphany is the light bulb over the main character’s head. Ah Ha! I get it! I know who this Jesus is! The light to enlighten the nations. 

I have waited to hear the news reports to claim that January 6th is Epiphany, the beginning of the holy season of light. Light that shines in the darkness exposing evil, corruption, oppression. The Christ light that enlightens love, caring, healing and contentment. 

Today, I wish people a Happy Epiphany or Happy Twelfth Night. By explanation: In scripture, the Kings arrive at the manger and they bring gifts that foretell Jesus's life and death. Let January 6th be a day when light overcomes darkness. The last day of Christmas when we honor Jesus -- the light to enlighten nations.

Be of Good Cheer. Listen to our presiding Bishop’s message below:

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry speaks on January 6th, 2022



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