THE EPIPHANY SCHOOL                                                          OCTOBER 2017 - FALL EDITION

We hope you enjoy our latest issue of Connections, a quarterly newsletter brought to you by The Epiphany School Foundation.   We thank you for reading and welcome you to share your feedback and suggestions by emailing

Chairman, Foundation Board of Trustees

I'm looking forward to seeing you at The Foundation's first fundraising event of the year, our 8th Annual Walk and Fall Festival coming up on Sunday, October 15th. As you know, our entire community comes together to make this event possible. Thank you to everyone who has supported this tradition so far through your generous sponsorships, donations and volunteer efforts. We could not execute this fun, family event without your help and support. Visit our Walk Page to see how you can get involved and make your food drive donations online directly through Amazon.
Tickets and journal ads are now available for our 5th Annual Hall of Fame. We look forward to honoring Richard Capuano ' 71, Ray Curley and Claire Rennell at the Yale Club on November 4th this year. We will also be presenting our first Joe Falzon Spirit of Volunteerism Award to our beloved Assistant Librarians, Helen and Peggy O'Dea. It is an evening not to be missed and I hope to see you there.
On January 30, 2018, as part of our  Celebrate Catholic Schools Week, Epiphany will be participating in  Many Gifts, One Nation: A Day of Giving to Catholic Schools. Please save the date and stayed tuned for a video from our students! This special day will replace our Giving Tuesday initiative from last year.
I want to remind everyone to please check with your employers to see if they have a matching gift program.  All donations to the Annual Fund are eligible to be matched by such programs, and if your company is able to match your donation, it is an excellent opportunity to double or even triple your gift to Epiphany. We're aiming to receive 100% participation from our current families in the Annual Fund this year. Whether you make a substantial gift before June 30th or donate $1 on January 30th, please show your support and help The Foundation reach our goal.
Enjoy our latest issue of Connections and I look forward to seeing you with our families on the 15th!
Sincerely ,

Kevin G. Greaney, KM
Chairman, Foundation Board of Trustees

Mary Jane Higgins '80, Vice Principal

Dear Parents,
The school year is off to a wonderful start at 22nd Street! 

Kindergarten has had an exciting first few weeks of school! In ELA, the students have been sharing fun facts about themselves and their families in our All About Me books. They have started to tackle different letters, letter sounds, and sight words. Next week, they are going to start apple investigations in Science using their five senses. 
The First Graders love their hands-on Science Labs with Mr. Klotzbach! They are working hard on their short vowels and are being careful not to forget end punctuation when they write! In Math, they are practicing counting, adding on, and number bonds so that they can perform addition with ease!
The Second Graders are looking forward to their visit to the Museum of Mathematics where they will be doing some hands-on cooperative learning projects that integrate teamwork and Math practice. In Social Studies, Second Graders are learning about different types of communities. They had their first Atrium class and are very excited to prepare for First Communion and Reconciliation.  
The Third Graders are now the oldest students in the school and are excited to mentor the younger students. Third Graders have been building on their Math skills and are now practicing multiplication. In Science, they are learning about the lifecycle of plants and growing plants in the classroom. They have begun the journey of learning cursive writing, so look out for their signatures!
The students at 22nd Street are enjoying playing fun games with Coach Sarah at Recess!
All of the students in the Lower School are very excited for Halloween and cannot wait for the Ragamuffin Parade! The children cannot wait to participate in the next school liturgy on All Saints Day.
Thank you for your continued support.  


Mary Jane Higgins '80
22nd Street Vice Principal
The Epiphany School

WITS October Newsletter
Chef Gisselle Madariaga, Coach Deshaun Jefferson & Coach Sarah Merck

Greetings for the 2017-2018 school year! We are Coach Sarah Merck, Coach Deshaun Jefferson, and Chef Gisselle Madariaga. We are so happy to be part of Epiphany's dedication to promoting the wellbeing of its students. As representatives from Wellness in the Schools, we proudly provide healthy food in the  cafeterias and plenty of exercise and fun at recess with the new addition of the WITS Coach for Kids program. 

During our time here, we have been greeted with nothing but love and support and we are excited for the school year. So far at the Lower School, the kids have played kickball, soccer, Duck Duck Goose, freeze tag and jump rope. At the Upper School, we have been able to help organize their games such as basketball, football and soccer.

This month, we will be continuing our WITS Labs, hands-on nutrition lessons with Epiphany students, as well as organized theme Café Days in the cafeteria for everyone to enjoy! Are you interested in health and wellness? Do you have ideas for specific wellness-themed activities that you would like to see at Epiphany, such as parent classes or ideas for Family Fitness Night? Contact the Wellness Committee! We would love to hear your feedback. We look forward to a productive, collaborative year. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with comments or questions about WITS.

All the best,

Coach Sarah, Coach Deshaun and Chef Gisselle


Kids' Quotes
"I love the jungle gym and playing with my friends." - Tess, 1st grade
"This is my first turkey's AMAZING!" - Christian, Kindergarten  

  • Apple Lab, Tastings, and Lunch Hall of Fame will continue to happen in the cafeteria
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Kiernan LaGuardia, 28th Street English Language Arts 

The new school year brings such excitement to the students at Epiphany's Upper School. Excitement for all that is new, as well as what is familiar.

At the beginning of the school year, the upper school welcomed its newest members- the fourth graders! The fourth grade was the first class to lead the school in prayer and they have done this job magnificently! Each morning, they have helped to start our school day in a special way.  Whether it is being in charge of their own iPads, learning what photosynthesis is or meeting Ms. Reilly, the new teaching assistant in fourth grade, new experiences, new knowledge and new people are around every corner for the students of the fourth grade.    

Ms. Reilly is not the only new addition to the the Upper School's faculty! Ms. Sahr has been meeting many new students in her art classes and is excited to tap into their creativity. The Upper School also welcomed new teachers for grades 5 and 6. Ms. Hernandez has been working with the fifth grade to create projects in conjunction with their study of landforms and Ms. Venizelos has been busy preparing the sixth graders for a debate on whether or not to raise the minimum wage !

Of course, along with all the newness that September brings, there are still the familiar aspects of life at the Upper School to which the students look forward. For example, the seventh graders are beginning their preparations for the sacrament of Confirmation by participating in various community service projects. In fact, you just might see many seventh graders volunteering at the Fall Festival following this year's Walkathon! The seventh graders also got to put on their lab coats and observe cells through a microscope in order to compare structures of plant and animal cells. And finally, nothing says you have made it to the eighth grade at The Epiphany School like walking around with a copy of To Kill a Mockingbird in your hand or on your iPad. The eighth graders are reading the beloved classic novel and delving into character analysis and examining the novel's prominent themes.

As you can see, at Epiphany's Upper School, we love the start to the school year for all the novelty and familiarity it brings!

Kiernan LaGuardia
28th Street English Language Arts 
The Epiphany School 

Connections Spotlight
By Courtney Huang, Communications Chair, 
Board of Trustees 

Commitment to the Love of Learning and Catholic Values- Vice Principal 22nd Street Campus, Mary Jane Higgins
In the spirit of the back-to-school season and our first Connections issue of the school year, we're excited to get to know a veteran member of our Epiphany School administration, Mrs. Mary Jane Maher Higgins, Vice Principal of The Epiphany School. 
Mrs. Higgins is part of the fabric of the Epiphany community and the Catholic education we offer. She is a graduate of The Epiphany School, Dominican Academy and Holy Cross, and she has been part of the Epiphany faculty for over 25 years. Throughout her tenure, Mrs. Higgins has taught various grades in the lower school as well as Social Studies and Grammar before embracing her role as Vice Principal. 
Mrs. Higgins and her husband, Tim, have 17 year-old twins, Kerry and Will, who are also Epiphany graduates.  As parents, they appreciate the Catholic values and love of learning that were instilled in their children at Epiphany.
Q.  How did you become interested/inspired to pursue a career in education?
A. I love helping and watching children learn! I have been so fortunate to attend amazing schools, and I have been inspired by many great teachers, including Mr. Hayes, Mr. Emanuel, and Ms. DeSimone.  
Q.  Throughout your years at Epiphany, can you share a favorite memory or even two memories?
A.  I have so many wonderful memories that it is hard to choose! I fondly remember my wedding day when my adorable Second Grade class sang Lord of the Dance. Also, many years ago, the teachers performed in Sr. Rebecca's musical, Grease, Jr
Surprising the students was so much fun!  The camaraderie that we shared on that stage is still flourishing among our teachers today.   
Q.  What are you looking forward to most about this school year?
A.  This year I am really excited to work with our students, parents, and teachers on a growth mindset.  It is so important that students know they can develop their skills and talents through their hard work and persistence, as well as being receptive to lessons and feedback. The teachers at Epiphany are very innovative in teaching multiple strategies for acquiring new skills and problem-solving.  
This is a very exciting year at Epiphany as we celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Epiphany parish.  I am looking forward to helping nurture the spiritual growth of our students every day in the prayers that we say, the songs that we sing, and the acts of kindness we promote.  
Q.  Aside from financial support, how can the Epiphany Community (parents, alumni, etc) help and support the school?
A. Mrs. McHugh and I hope to work with families as partners recognizing that we are all interested in the academic, social, and emotional development of their children. Also, we love parent and alumni volunteers!  We greatly appreciate when parents and graduates share their time and talents with our community.  

Eileen McLoughlin, Early Childhood Administrator

Fall in the Early Childhood Center is always a very special time. We welcome back last year's students, who are very proud of being the "big" kids in school. We also welcome new students and families to our Epiphany community. Finally, we are very happy to welcome Cathy Caulfield, the new assistant teacher in Toddler Two's, and Anthony Rodriguez, our new security guard.

The joyful sounds of singing, laughing and playing can be heard coming from our Toddler Two's program. They are learning to identify letters through song and hands on activities. They are also learning all about farms and farm animals and have completed many creative animal art projects. And, of course, Halloween is just around the corner!

Our Nursery students have been hard at work in science and math learning all about apples and leaves through play and art. Stop by to see the apple graph they created! 

Our Pre-K students have a very busy month ahead! This month, they will learn about fall, Christopher Columbus, transportation and Halloween. In Math, they are learning about pairs, and will learn to compare and contrast quantities by exploring the differences in vehicles. In Science, they will learn about how a pumpkin grows, and how to use their five senses in making observations by tasting apples. We look forward to seeing their Little Miss Muffet art projects!

We have a number of exciting Early Childhood Center events this autumn. All students participated in an "in school" field trip with a visit from the Art Farm. They were able to learn about and gently touch a lizard, turtle and a bird. The American Historical Society will begin a nine-week program with our Pre-K, which will explore "old" New York through relics and hands-on activities. NYC Kids will visit again with their puppets to teach students about those with special needs. Students and families are also invited to participate in the annual Ragamuffin Halloween parade.  (Try to guess what the teachers will dress as this Halloween!)
Finally, we look forward to seeing everyone at the Epiphany Walk and Fall Festival on Sunday, October 15!

Eileen McLoughlin
Early Childhood Administrator
The Epiphany School 

Tickets & Journal Ads Available Online

Please note the deadline for Journal Ads & Early Bird Tickets is Friday, October 20th. 

Updates from our Family Association

Dear Epiphany Parents,

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you all to the Epiphany 2017-2018 school year.  We have an amazing group of parent volunteers on this year's EFA Cabinet and are looking forward to celebrating a new and exciting year together. 

The EFA is an organization that is committed to making a strong and vibrant Epiphany community. We partner with our parents, teachers, staff and community on many levels to bring fun programs, events, services, and opportunities to our children to enrich their experience. We need your help and support. Your contribution, whether it is your time as volunteers at an event, knowledge, or resources, makes a difference. Please get involved...your help and enthusiasm helps make our community stronger! 
Following is the list of our upcoming events:

NEW FALL FUNDRAISER - October 9th- November 10th
Packets will be backpacked home on October 9th. Please help support and underwrite the EFA's many events by ordering gifts, gadgets or some wrapping paper for the holidays. Any amount of purchase, even the smallest is appreciated. 

Parents Night Out -October 19th at the Beer Table 

Come hang with your fellow parents and get to know each other better. There's no better way than experiencing the Epiphany Community. 

Halloween Party - October 27th at the Parish Hall 

Come eat, drink and dress up with your kids. Costumes for adults are not mandatory but we encourage you to get into the spirit! We have a haunted library for a spooktacular time! 

Lower School Ragamuffin Parade - October 31st 

Come watch your little ones in grades TT-3 strut their stuff in the their Halloween costumes! The kids will parade around the block to the police station where our friends at the police department will be giving out goodie bags to all the kids. There's no safer way to Trick or Treat! 
Breakfast with Santa, after Family Mass-  December 10th @ 11am-12pm

No need to go to the North Pole! Join us and bring your kids for breakfast and pictures with Santa in the Parish Hall following the 10:00am Family Mass. 

Bharti Ramani and Cari Marino, Co-Chairs
2017-2019 Epiphany Family Association
Danielle Elder, Colleen Flores, Gina Kartholl, Mary Lane & Cynthia Rios

Sunday, October 15th

Dear Epiphany Community,
We can't wait to see you this coming Sunday for our 8th Annual Walk & Fall Festival! We are in troducing some exciting attractions at our festival this year that we think your whole family will enjoy including: 
  • A Photobooth with on-site printing 
  • Our Family Bake-Off (winners announced at 2pm)
  • An obstacle course created by our WITS Coaches
  • A healthy snack-making table with Chef Gisselle
  • This year we are offering a Play All Day Wristband
  • Of course, we will have pumpkin painting, craft decorating, games and more!

If you ordered a wristband, please stop at our check-in table to pick it up upon arrival. T-Shirts will be backpacked home with families tomorrow, October 12th. 

We are still looking for volunteers to help us execute this wonderful event! 

  Warm regards,

Eileen Pino & Alex Vaina
2017 Walk & Fall Festival Chairs
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