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Chairman, Foundation Board of Trustees

Dear Epiphany Families and Friends:
It has been another exciting year at The Epiphany School Foundation.  Our Annual Fund Challenge concluded on June 4th and I want to thank everyone for your generous support.  We are currently up to 68 % participation in this great initiative.  Whether you choose to make a small donation or significant contribution to The Foundation, every gift counts towards improving our school programs.  The deadline to  make a gift for the 2017-18 school year is June 30, 2018.
I have greatly enjoyed my time as Chairman of the Epiphany School Foundation for the past three years. Although I will be stepping down as Chair at the end of the school year, I am excited to announce that I will be leaving our Board of Trustees in great hands with current parent and trustee, Jennifer Dowd, who will take over my role starting July 1. Jennifer has chaired our greatest fundraiser, the Spring Auction, for the past two years and has been heavily involved in fundraising efforts of The Foundation. I am confident that we have great things ahead under Jen's outstanding leadership. 
I would like to thank Bob Benya '73, Thomas Hanna and Courtney Huang for all of their efforts during their time served with us on the board.  We will truly miss them, but their influence, ideas and innovation will stay with us.
I wish you all a wonderful summer and thank you again for your support.
Warm regards,

Kevin G. Greaney, KM
Chairman, Foundation Board of Trustees

Mary Jane Higgins '80, Vice Principal

Dear Epiphany Families,
Our Lower School is buzzing with excitement as we approach the end of the school year! Under the guidance of Mrs. Sahr and Mrs. Murphy, students created masterpieces that were on display at Epiphany's fantastic Art Show. On June 13th, teachers and students in Grades 1 and 2 will enjoy a day of games and glee at our Second Annual Field Day at 22 nd Street, while students in Grade 3 travel to St. Joseph's Seminary for a fun outing with Epiphany's older students.  
In Kindergarten, the students studied farm animals and the life cycle of plants. They also worked on addition and subtraction skills and have been focusing on the planet Earth and different ways to take care of it. The students sent their Flat Stanleys to a variety of places around the globe for exciting adventures! Their focus then shifted to zoo animals, and they were able to enjoy and experience live animals on their trip to the Central Park Zoo. They are all very excited for Graduation on June 8th!
Spring has been a busy time in First Grade! The students learned how to tell time and count money.  First Graders enjoyed reading chapter books, Henry and Mudge and Cam Jansen ! Mr. Klotzbach taught the students about the water cycle. The First Grade loved making stained glass crosses to honor Jesus at Easter.  They proudly performed their amazing production of "Do You Live in a Nest?" for their parents.
After months of preparation, the Second Graders made their First Holy Communion on May 5 th . They also took part in the May Crowning Ceremony.  The students visited Alley Pond Environmental Center to extend their Plant and Animal Unit. They learned about mammals and went on a nature walk to see plants and animals in their natural habitats.  In ELA, the Second Graders have been studying poetry and also writing their own poems. In Social Studies, students researched New York City landmarks and are compiling their information on illustrated postcards encouraging people to visit the Big Apple.

The Third Graders completed their recycling projects for Earth Day in Science. In Social Studies, students learned about economics. The students are working in small groups using Educreate to create impressive presentations about supply and demand. In Math, the Third Graders have been working on breaking numbers apart into fractions and observing where to find fractions in their everyday lives. The Third  Graders were thrilled to take their tour of the 28 th Street campus to see all the great things in store for next year!  

Thank you so much for all of your support throughout the year. I wish you all a blessed, happy summer!


Mary Jane Higgins '80
22nd Street Vice Principal
The Epiphany School

Chef Gisselle Madariaga
Coaches Sarah Merck  and Lucy Sexton 

Greens Labs

Did you know that to get the most out of the vitamin K in lettuces and other plant foods, you should eat them with some good fats or oils? This is because vitamin K is fat-soluble and may be better absorbed when combined with fat.

In addition to learning about eating green and healthy fats like olive oil, Epiphany students learned how to make French and Lemon Honey dressings. They measured, whisked, and conquered their fears of spinach.

They also shuffled to " Lett-uce Dance
Who wants to follow a written recipe when you can dance it out?


Cafe Day With Chef Evie
Chef Evie made a grand return this May when she helped serve some tasty treats for the "Spring Has Sprung" Cafe Day. Chefs Gisselle & Evie served No Mayo Potato, Pea Shoot Pesto Pasta Salad, and Strawberry Cheesecake. They conveniently forgot to mention that there was tofu in the cheesecake until after students dug in. Whoops.....

In April, we had lots of fun planting pea shoots in the recess yard. Did we mention that the students tasted their pea shoot in a pesto pasta salad served on Cafe Day? Talk about farm to table, folks!

Special Note from Chef Gisselle

Dear Epiphany Community,

As my time here at Epiphany comes to a close, I would like to say how deeply fortunate I feel to have been a part of your community for the last two years. I am truly proud of what has been accomplished because it was truly a community effort. The kitchen staff took on the challenge of making a new menu and engaging with your children. Your children have taken to heart trying new foods and thinking deeper about what is on their plates. The staff here has been nothing less than completely supportive and I have no doubt they will continue to be so. 

Lastly, the Wellness Committee has made my every step smooth in the road of promoting wellness at Epiphany. The wellness culture in the school is in fine hands and I have no doubt next year it will continue to grow. Thank you for the support, guidance, and encouragement you have provided during my time at Epiphany. Even though I will be at a new school come September, I will always be a friend of Epiphany. Please keep in touch at


Chef Gisselle Madariaga

Recess Updates
This spring at Epiphany Lower School, students are so thrilled to be out in the sun again. Since the sun and warm weather made their appearance, participation in games has increased. Coach Sarah has assigned new Junior Coaches each week and they have all done a wonderful job. This role is designed to empower the students and it is definitely working. Junior Coaches have helped set teams for games, setup equipment, and encourage their fellow classmates to participate. 

Leo and Grace did a phenomenal j ob with setting up games for their classmates. They set up games such as dodgeball, kickball, and castles. Students do participate in several games during recess, but sometimes there are special events like a talent show. First grade had a talent show at recess this month that caught the attention of their peers. Talents such as jump roping, jokes, reading poems, and funny skits were performed. This was a great way to mix up the week and encourage students to show their talents. Coach Sarah cannot wait to see everyone again next school year. Be ready for new games, new recess coaches, and much more!!

At Epiphany Upper School, Coach Lucy introduced Four Square and the students are raving over it! The 6th and 7th grade boys sprint out to recess every day and get right to it. Four Square is a fast paced, non-contact game that works on hand-eye coordination. Similar to Coach Sarah, Coach Lucy has assigned Junior Coaches for the 4th and 5th grade girls. Each week, 3 girls are given the opportunity to manage ball clean up at the end of recess. As a Junior Coach, the girls learn to be assertive and lead their peers. To name a few, 4th graders Charlotte, Helen and Fiona have been involved in leading clean up, even when they aren't assigned as the Junior Coach. It is fantastic to see the girls learning to lead and speak up!

The 4th and 5th grade boys have always been dedicated to their specific activity or sport, but recently they have been branching out and trying new games. It is great to see the dedicated Football players trying out Soccer or the passionate Basketball players testing out Running Bases. In addition, students have brought several new games to recess such as Wall Ball and Running Bases.

Last but not least, Coach Lucy has been spending time with the Toddlers and Pre-K students during their recess, introducing short FITS BITS activities. A FIT BIT is a movement break that allows students to release energy so they can return to class focused.  The preschool students have played activities like: Be an Animal, Walk the Tightrope, and Red Light Green Light.

Coach Sarah and Coach Lucy are so thankful for the wonderful Epiphany community. Everyone has been so welcoming and both coaches are ecstatic to return next school year. Thank you all again!

Soft Lacrosse Play Day
This spring, both Epiphany Upper and Lower School students had the opportunity to collaborate with our new fitness partner, Soft Lacrosse. Students from kindergarten through 8th grade had the opportunity to learn the basic fundamentals of lacrosse while also applying these new skills to play games. Mike, Bill, and Frank did a phenomenal job and we are super excited to collaborate with them again next school year. If you are interested in learning more about Soft Lacrosse, visit their website

Interested in health and wellness? 

We look forward to next school year and please do not hesitate to reach out to us with comments or questions about WITS. 

Kids Quotes
"I think I like spinach. What is happening?" - 4th grader

What's next......
Next school year, we are planning to have several more Play Days with Soft Lacrosse. 
Stay tuned for more information.

Have a wonderful summer!!

Gisselle Madariaga, Sarah Merck and Lucy Sexton
Epiphany WITS Chef & Coaches

Kiernan LaGuardia, Dean of Students 

Merriam-Webster defines spring as "a time or season of growth or development."  With this definition in mind, I can confidently say that spring has sprung at Epiphany's Upper School!

Everywhere you turn in the Upper School, you can see the growth of mathematical minds!  Fourth graders have been developing their skills through an animal measurement project where they deal with the metric system, as well as customary units of measurement.  The fifth graders have been working on a graphing project where they use line graphs, bar graphs, line plots and pie charts, which will ultimately help them grow in understanding of percentages.  The sixth graders have been using data to create box and whisker plots, which will help them visualize certain statistics including quartiles, percentiles, medians and ranges!

In addition to the development of mathematical minds, some Epiphany students are developing into quite the master thespians! The sixth, seventh and eighth graders have been working with their ELA teachers and the teaching artists from Rising City Arts, to perform scenes from such iconic plays as The Diary of Anne Frank, A Midsummer Night's Dream and A Raisin in the Sun . After careful character analysis and countless rehearsals, the final performances, which take place this week, will not disappoint. Watch out Meryl Streep and Denzel Washington!

Other Epiphany students are growing in their commitment and understanding of the Catholic faith.  For example, the seventh graders, having received the sacrament of Confirmation on May 20th, are truly blessed by the gift of the Holy Spirit!  In eighth grade religion class, the students have been discussing social justice and examining it as an integral part of being a Catholic.

Throughout every grade, it is evident that the Upper School students are growing in their capacity for thinking.  The fourth graders have been working on science fair projects where they are testing out hypotheses. In fifth grade ELA, the students read The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe , where they discovered the novel to be an enchanting read, but also an allegory for the Death and Resurrection of Christ! 

Through classwork and lab activities, the sixth graders are thinking more deeply about nutrition and what best fuels their bodies! As seventh graders wrap up their study of American history for the year, they are comparing the American Revolution to the Civil War and sharing their findings in well-written essays.     

And then, of course, we have our eighth graders, who have probably grown and developed the most of all.  They are ready to leave Epiphany and move on to high school. Their last months have been filled with everything from debates on controversial topics to the challenge of caring for egg babies!  We are so proud of all their growth and development over the course of the time they have been with us. They will be missed and we wish them the best!

Have a wonderful summer!

Kiernan LaGuardia
Dean of Students 
The Epiphany School 

Q & A WITH JENNIFER DOWD: Incoming Epiphany Foundation Chairman
Connections Spotlight
By Courtney Huang, Communications Chair, 
Board of Trustees 

As this school year draws to a close and we set our sights to the 2018-2019 school year, I have the pleasure of shining the spotlight on our incoming Epiphany Foundation Chairman, Jennifer Dowd. After growing up and attending college in Florida, Jennifer moved to New York City to begin her career as a buyer of children's apparel for Macy's Department Stores. Upon leaving Macy's, she moved to the clothing manufacturing side as a consultant. Jennifer is now a full-time parent to Logan (5th grade-Winston Prep), Abby (2nd grade), and Chase (Kindergarten). Jennifer is a current member of The Epiphany School Foundation Board of Trustees and most recently served as Co-Chair of this year's Spring Auction. In addition to her Epiphany School involvement, Jennifer also serves on the Board of Trustees of the Acorn School (where all three of her children attended preschool) and the Board of Directors of Room to Grow, a charitable organization dedicated to giving babies born into poverty the very best start in life. Jennifer clearly has a commitment to children and giving back to her community. We are looking forward to her leadership in the new school year!

Q. As you take on the role as Chairman of the Epiphany Foundation Board of Trustees, share with us one of your key goals.

A. As I become more involved within the Foundation I continue to learn about all the things it makes possible for our school. One of my goals is to give a clear message to our community about everything the Foundation does and how the funding it provides enables tuition to stay at an affordable level for every student at the school.

Q. What do you think is the greatest need for the school?

A. Continuous improvement is necessary to maintain a competitive educational environment. The Foundation is key in fueling this need.

Q. What should Epiphany be known for?

A. It's no small feat that Epiphany has been around for nearly 130 years. The fact that we are still growing and thriving when so many other Catholic schools are struggling says a lot about our leadership and the support from our families.

Q. What is your family's favorite Epiphany Foundation event?

A. What's great about the various events the Foundation puts on is that there is something for everyone. My kids love participating with their classmates in The Walk which takes place in October. The Hall of Fame Induction in November gives current parents and alumni an opportunity to come together and celebrate Epiphany's past. I love toasting the holidays at the Christmas Cocktail Party and everyone coming together for a fabulous night at our greatest fundraiser, the Spring Auction. My husband enjoys a day out on the course at the Golf & Tennis Outing.

Q. How can more families and alumni get involved with the Foundation?

A. Just as important as monetary and in-kind donations, we need people who can give their time. Volunteers are crucial to executing our fundraising events. From joining an event planning committee to one day jobs such as event set up, your time is greatly needed and appreciated. It's also a wonderful way to meet other parents.

Eileen McLoughlin, Early Childhood Administrator

It has been a truly inspiring, exciting and wonderful year in our Early Childhood Center.  Watching our students grow academically, physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually is a privilege and a delight.

As the school year comes to a close, our Toddler Twos are learning to recognize the letters in their names.  They are also exploring the theme of summer through music, art and literature. You will see how much they have grown during their performance in the annual Moving Up Ceremony!

Butterflies literally filled the air in our Nursery class this spring!  Students had the chance to learn all about these beautiful creatures and had a hands-on experience in witnessing their life cycles.  They have also been busy reviewing their letters and numbers in preparation for next year. Of course, they too have been hard at work preparing for their performance in the Moving Up Ceremony!

Our Pre-K students have been learning about community workers.  They explored police and fire safety and how to dial 911. In math they continue to practice addition and subtraction and are reviewing letters and letter sounds.  

In closing, we are incredibly thankful for our teachers and support staff making the Early Childhood Center such a warm, nurturing, fun-filled, and happy place.   We look forward to seeing everyone at the Moving Up Ceremony on June 8th and wish you all a restful and joyful summer.

Warm Regards,

Eileen McLoughlin
Early Childhood Administrator
The Epiphany School 

Congratulations, Class of 2018! 
2018 High School Choices

The list of high schools attended by Epiphany graduates reflects a wide range of interests and overall academic excellence.  Their intellectual curiosity and dedication to their academic work earned the class of 2018 over $1.7 million in scholarship awards. 
Mary Addison - Loyola High School
Joao Albernaz-Magalhaes - Xavier High School
Brady Anderson - Xavier High School
Jacqueline Baker - Art and Design High School
Jack Beitler - Xavier High School
Adam Bissell - Xavier High School
Morgan Brooks - Convent of the Sacred Heart
Kristen Carroll - St. Vincent Ferrer  High School
Finley Conlon - Paramus Catholic High School
William Cooney - Xavier High School
Grace Copps - Loyola High School
Jacquelyn Downey - St. Vincent Ferrer High School
Claire Echevarria-Smith - St. Vincent Ferrer  High School
Sofia Elder - Dominican Academy
Lachlan Emery - Xavier High School
Siobhan Flynn - Notre Dame High School
Kayla Fordham - Dominican Academy
Nicholas Fox - Loyola High School
Sandrine Frechette - Convent of Sacred Heart
Katarina Fried - Dominican Academy
James Gannon - Loyola High School
Akaash Ganatra - Bronx High School of Science
Leonardo Gentile - Nest+M
Michael Gregg - Xavier High School
Matthew Hapij - Regis High School
Michael Hawkes - Xavier High School
Aiden Hilaire - Eleanor Roosevelt High School
Isolt Hilaire - Beacon High School
Caitlyn Israel - St. Vincent Ferrer  High School
Terence Jennings - Regis High School
Alyssa Keefe - Notre Dame High School
Logan Kim - York Preparatory School
Trevor Kim - York Preparatory School
Marielle Kudera - Dominican Academy
Charlotte Kinsella - Dominican Academy
Casey Lamb - New York City Lab School for Collaborative Studies
Laura Lopez - Notre Dame High School
Ella Madden - Dominican Academy
Amelia Male - Marymount School of New York
Nadia Martynova - Notre Dame High School
Tristan Mateo - Loyola High School
Aidan McMahon - Regis High School
Owen McManamon - High School of American Studies at Lehman
Liam Necina - Xavier High School
Anna Petrosyan - The Stonybrook School
Alejandro Ramirez - High School of American Studies at Lehman
Joshua Ramos - La Salle Academy
Valentina Rosa - Brooklyn Friends School
Calista Redington - Convent of the Sacred Heart
Ann Reilly - Dominican Academy
Sean Reilly - St. John's Prep
Liam Roache - Eleanor Roosevelt High School
John Rodgers - Xavier High School
Daniel Sabados - Frank Sinatra School of Arts
Deryn Sciolto - Notre Dame High School
Henry Schipf - Brooklyn Latin  High School
Kilian Scott - The Brearley School
Charlotte Smith - Marymount School of New York
Alexis Spector - School of the Future
Athena Stuebe - Repertory Company HS for Theater Arts
Sean Tierney - Xavier High School
Enrique Travers - Xavier High School
Casey Van Ness - St. Vincent Ferrer  High School
Kristen Vella - Notre Dame High School
Luca Zazzera - Baruch College Campus High School  

Save the Date

Updates from our Family Association

Dear Epiphany Families,

It is the end of the school year as well as our first year as members of the EFA Board. We can't thank you all enough for your generosity in every category from fundraising to volunteering.  We hope you all enjoyed the various events throughout the year and we were happy to see many of you at the school carnival!  

As summer vacation is fast approaching, let's all take a moment to think about coming back to school, too.  Don't forget to order your Back to School Kits for next year.

Thank you all for your help and support in making this a fun year for our children and community. A special thank you to all of our class representatives who helped us coordinate events with our teachers. We look forward to many more events in the next school year. Enjoy your summer holidays with your friends and family! 

Congratulations to the class of 2018! 

Bharti Ramani and Cari Marino, Co-Chairs
2017-2019 Epiphany Family Association
Danielle Elder, Colleen Flores, Gina Kartholl, Mary Lane & Cynthia Rios

Class of 2014 College Choices

Congratulations to our 2014 graduates!  We are very proud of you and we wish you well as you begin college in the fall...

Christina Alexopoulos - SUNY Binghamton
Nathan Atherley - NYU Tandon School of Engineering
Kelsey Bartlett - SUNY Binghamton
Marianna Bradley - Villanova University
Catie Brennan - University of Notre Dame
Julianna Capuano - Loyola University Maryland
Alan Clancy - University of Richmond
Katherine Cook - St. Joseph's University
Maureen Cooney - DePaul University
Samuel Davidson - Boston College
Theresa Delulio - SUNY Cortland
Jane Ferris - High Point University
Michael Gillow - University of Wisconsin
James Glass - SUNY Maritime College
McKinley Guidi - Hampshire College
James Halbert - Iona College
Sophia Hedengren - Hartwick College
Jacqueline Heraty - University of Scranton
Kerry Higgins - Tulane University
William Higgins - Clemson University
Jaylene Joseph - Villanova University
Lauryn Keogh - Loyola University Maryland
Lena Lomonaco - University of Central Florida
Andrew Lopez - Fordham University
Caroline Lynch - Fairfield University
Conor Mangan - SUNY Binghamton
Seren McCarry - Pace University
Victoria Mendola - SUNY Binghamton
Eliza Milstead - SUNY Geneseo
John O'Connell - Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Ana Olszewski - College of William & Mary
William Pharo - University of Michigan
Olivia Pytlik - New York University
Matthew Sabados - University of Chicago
Delia Sciolto - Hunter College
Alexander Skulski - Manhattan College
Olivia Testa - Stanford University
Jessica Thompson - Syracuse University
Bryan Van Ness - New York Junior Islanders
Christopher Yuresko - University of Scranton

Celebrating the 17-18 School Year

Dear Epiphany Community,
As we approach the end of the school year, we find ourselves in a state of reflection and gratitude.  We would like to extend a special thanks to the many families and friends who have supported The Foundation this year through attending our events, volunteering and donating to our fundraising initiatives.  We could not do what we do without you, and we especially want to thank our 2017-2018 event chairs:
Eileen Pino & Alex Vaina , Walkathon and Fall Festival
Regan Murphy '99 , Hall of Fame
Donna Doscher & Allison Hemming , Christmas Party
Jennifer Dowd & Jennifer Turetsky '91 , Spring Auction
Neal Cain, Michael Parniawski & Agnes Teng '90 , Golf Outing
Through your leadership and enthusiasm, we keep our traditions going and create new ones, and we are incredibly grateful to have you behind us as we raise funds to enhance the programs at Epiphany that make it the special and unique school that it is today.

We wish you all a great summer and we look forward to seeing everyone in September. Thank you again for your support!
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