Annual Meeting and Elections

Annual Meeting will be held on Sunday, January 31st via Zoom.

We hope you'll join us on Sunday, January 17th at 10:00 am for a special Zoom Coffee Hour, where we'll meet this year's vestry and convention candidates. Information about proposed bylaw changes will also be presented.

Sample Ballot:
A printable PDF of the sample ballot below can be found here.

Proposed Bylaw Changes:
Information about the bylaw changes proposed by the vestry can be found here and here.

Information About Election Candidates:
Photos and bios of candidates will continue to be updated here.

How to Vote and Attend Annual Meeting:
Details regarding how parishioners can vote and attend our virtual 2021 Annual Meeting will be finalized and shared within the coming weeks.
Creation Care and Carbon Footprint Tracker Meet-Up
Wednesday, January 27th at 7:00 pm

Most folks in New Hampshire are concerned about climate change and worried about the impact it will have on future generations. Working to mitigate it is in line with our values as Christians, and both the Episcopal church and our diocese see reducing our carbon footprints as a key part of creation care. Join others at St. Paul's interested in creation care for an informal Zoom gathering. Those who are using Sustaining Earth, Our Island Home, the carbon tracker for Episcopal Households, are invited to share their experiences and tips with others who may be interested in trying it. Enjoy some fellowship with others interested in creation care. To join, simply click on this Zoom link shortly before 7:00 pm on Wednesday, January 27th.
December 8th Article

If you missed the Concord Monitor's December 8th article about a special memorial service held in St. Paul's Memorial Garden, you can read it here.
Two Epiphany Opportunities
This year, the season of Epiphany runs Wednesday, January 6th to Tuesday, February 16th.

Star Words
Like the Magi followed the star to find Jesus, the Episcopal Church of New Hampshire offers you a "Star Word" to guide you as you follow Jesus this year. To participate, email Canon Tina Pickering with the name of your faith community and hometown, and she will reply with a "Star Word" for you. "Star Words" are picked randomly, guided by the Holy Spirit. You are encouraged to accept the word given with an open heart to learn how the Spirit might be calling you to live into the word. Ideas for how to pray with your words, as well as theological connections to this practice, can be found here.

Forward Movement's Good Book Club
Forward Movement's Good Book Club is reading the Gospel of Mark during Epiphany. The schedule of easy daily readings can be found here, and more information about Good Book Club resources can be found here.
Ministry Directors

Attention Ministry Directors: If you have not emailed your annual ministry reports to Kristin yet, please do so ASAP. We are aware that many ministries have less to report this year due to the pandemic.
Sacred Space Liturgical Color Change

A reminder for folks using their Sacred Space kits: The season of Epiphany began on January 6th, so we are now using our green ribbons.

If you did not request a Sacred Space kit in December, we encourage you to do so now! The kits were designed to be used throughout all of the liturgical seasons of the church year. If you'd like a kit, please email and specify whether you'd prefer a real candle or a battery lit candle.
This Week

Simple Saturday Service
4:30 pm
Enjoy seeing and hearing your fellow parishioners during this live Zoom service.

Sunday Worship
from 6:00 am onwards
This pre-recorded service includes hymns and music, a sermon, readings from your fellow parishioners, announcements, and more.

Virtual Coffee Hour
10:00 am
Gather with your St. Paul's family live over Zoom to chat and catch up.

Daily Morning Prayer
from 6:00 am onwards
Pre-recorded Morning Prayer videos are posted daily Monday through Saturday.

For more information about any of these gatherings, please visit
and click on the "Worship & Fellowship Links" drop-down menu.
Prayers of the People
During our online Sunday morning worship service this weekend, we will be lifting up the following households in our prayers, and asking for God's blessing in their lives:

Mark Carney & Jan Greer-Carney; Eileen Carter; John & Donna Cassidy; Dave & Becky Cawley; Jean Marie & Pat Chaloux; Gail Church;
Rebekkah Clair; Malcome & Fran Clapp;
Faith Clark; Tim Cline & Shaun Runyon; Kathy Clough;
Jean Coburn; Barbara Collins; David & Betty Collins; John Corrigan;
Lisa Corvese & Michael Borek; Bob & Robyn Cotton
St. Paul's Clergy & Staff
Click on any of the names in blue for a link to their email address.

Rev. Kate Atkinson, Rector (Sabbath: Monday)
Rev. Peggy Schnack, Curate (Sabbath: Friday)
Rev. Cheryl Moore, Priest Associate (part-time)
Rev. Brother Charles Edward OLW, Deacon
Kristin Dunklee, Parish Administrator
Heather Maconaghy, Director of Music Ministries (part-time)
AshleyJane Boots, Communications Coordinator (part-time)