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July 2021
Clergy Clatter

Well, we seem to have somehow avoided the 17-year invasion of Brood X cicadas that some of our neighboring regions experienced. Actually, I was sort of looking forward to it. I can remember as a kid being terrified of the things. I hated the sound that they made up in the trees. Something that big must bite, sting, or eat little bugs. And they were so ugly. Now, I find them sort of fascinating, with their strange life cycle and big red eyes.
Years ago I discovered that if you have cats, and the cats go outside, you are going to find cicadas in the house, usually pretty mangled. Cats have a fascination with them. They are sort of the size of a mole, or vole, or mouse, or whatever cats like to torment. And they do make a weird buzzing sound. My cats are really attracted to them. Unfortunately, they are not above bringing them to me in bed as a midnight gift. Noooo! And this year there were news segments of people eating the things, fried, in tacos, in salads, or whatever. People – you have lost your minds?
But I have to admit that I find something kind of spiritual about them. As new born nymphs they crawl down a tree, borrow into the dark, moist ground, and spend 17 years as grubs. It can’t be very exciting down there. Digging in my yard I’ve occasionally run into large grubs that are possible cicadas. They don’t seem to move around or do anything. I guess they just lay there in the dark and eat dirt for 17 years. That’s not a very exciting life. But then at 17 years, everything changes. Some natural urge sends them crawling up to the surface where they climb a tree or structure, shed their shells, grow wings, fly around a little, mate, and die. That sure beats 17 years underground.
One of the segments I watched on TV showed a cicada working its way up through leaves and soil, still in its grub form, with its huge red eyes, just breaking the surface and seeing daylight for the first time in 17 years. One can’t help but wonder what the cicada was thinking (if they think); Wow! Look at this. A whole world I didn’t know existed. And it’s light. And there’s air blowing. And there’s color. And of course, we can’t forget, there are potential mates. This is much better than being down there in the ground.
Sometimes I think our lives and our faith are sort of like that cicada breaking ground after 17 years in the dark. Something happens, and we break through into a new light, a new understanding, a whole new experience on our life journey. It can be a new relationship, a healing, a birth, or whatever. But the world is a different place of light, and air, and beauty, and excitement. What a wonderful experience living is.

Richard +
July Service Schedule

July 4, 2021 - Sixth Sunday After Pentecost - 10 am (July 4th cookout after service):

  • Homily - Rev. Julia Ashby
  • Celebrant - Rev. Richard Bridgford
  • Lectors - Jim Fisher
  • Altar - Len & Tina Wright
  • Flowers - Joyce Williams
  • Usher - Tom Gilleland
  • Organist/Pianist - Joe Ritchie
  • Soloist - Jeffrey Nicoloff
  • Vocals - Choir
  • Video & Editing - Emmett "Buddy" Pate

July 11, 2021 -  Seventh Sunday After Pentecost:

  • Homily - Rev. TBD
  • Celebrant - Rev. TBD
  • Lectors - John Childers
  • Altar - Kevin LaPointe
  • Flowers - Jim Fisher
  • Usher - Jackie Rochelle
  • Organist/Pianist - Joe Ritchie
  • Vocals - Choir
  • Video & Editing - Emmett "Buddy" Pate

July 18, 2021 - Eighth Sunday After Pentecost:

  • Homily - Rev. TBD
  • Celebrant - Rev. TBD
  • Lectors - Vaughn Coffman
  • Altar - Ariel Fernandez
  • Flowers - Joyce Williams
  • Usher - David Jones
  • Organist/Pianist - Joe Ritchie
  • Vocals - Choir
  • Video & Editing - Emmett "Buddy" Pate

July 25, 2021 -  Ninth Sunday After Pentecost - 10 am:

  • Homily - Rev. TBD
  • Celebrant - Rev. TBD
  • Lectors - TBD
  • Altar - Kevin LaPointe
  • Flowers - Jim Fisher
  • Usher - Jennifer O'Connell
  • Organist/Pianist - Joe Ritchie
  • Vocals - Choir
  • Video & Editing - Emmett "Buddy" Pate

A video will be on YouTube and will be available on our Facebook and Web Page a few hours after the Sunday service, so tell a friend, and share the love!
 Dear Epiphany family,
       The flower guild is scheduling out the altar flower sponsorship for the rest of 2021. Sadly the yearly calendar has numerous openings (6) due to the passing of parishioners over the last 2 years. Presently in 2022 there will be 2 openings.
Flower sponsorship is a bargain at 35.00 and many of you are aware that the guild usually has to pay a bit more to ensure beautiful flowers to the Glory of God and to those that they are dedicated.
  We all are aware of the ever increasing costs of just about everything. Consideration of rounding upwards to 50.00 would be much appreciated as extra money in the account would lessen the impact of costs for the times of year that we have no sponsorship, ie: green seasons of Lent & Advent (12) weeks, Easter flowering of church, Thanksgiving, Christmas. 
  Following is a list of dates and names of sponsors from July 2021 through June 2022 for need of reference:
Available dates:

July 11 & 18
Sept. 5 & 12
Oct 17
Nov 21
Jan. 30, 2022
May 22, 2022

Anyone interested in the open dates listed above, please contact
Jim Fisher @ jardinierre@aol.com or text or call 858-2459
  I thank you all in advance. 
Vestry Highlights
June 10, 2021

  • Reported that income is down $12,000 for the year against the budget.

  • Reported a baptism of a 3 month old to be held on July 2nd. Young family met at Yard Sale.

  • Reported death of Wayne Webber.

  • Reported that Safe Church Audit is due at the diocese.

  • Reported Cookout schedule for July 4th following service.

  • Discussed adding a "contribute" button to on line items. Tabled.

  • Approved a Parish Survey to help determine times of service in the Fall. Gayle Greene agreed to chair with Joyce Williams and Vaughn Coffman assisting.

  • Approved July meeting focus on the future of Epiphany and the continued use of technology.

  • Approved August meeting focus on Safe Church with Lynn Farlin conducting training

  •  Next meeting July 8, 2021
Letter from Todd Bissonnette
Richard, Julia and Everybody!
The reason I wanted to return to Epiphany is simple; I never really left. Epiphany Norfolk is more than a church for me. It is my church home and you all are my church family. The hospitality there is warm and genuine, especially when it comes to feeding people. I miss the feasts with all that wonderful food! Nobody does that up here. After church it’s doughnut holes and that’s about it. I miss the chanting, the incense, and the Sanctus Bells. I don’t know anyone who still uses Sanctus Bells.
Most of all I miss all you wonderful and crazy guys. Most of the New Hampshire churches are made up from families meeting on Sunday to worship, then go home. That’s not a problem for Epiphany. After being away for a while I’ve come to realize that you are an eclectic bunch who somehow make up a truly caring church family full of God’s love.
From a distance I see Epiphany Norfolk more as a British sitcom. Richard could be played by John Cleese and Samantha Bee (from John Steward’s show) could play Julia. I’ll stop there before Richard has to say “Bad Todd”.
Even if it is remotely, this wandering pilgrim has found his way home again.
You are jewels of the Episcopal Church.
If you are interested in being an Usher, please contact Kathy Moore at kmoore1234@cox.net or phone 757-647-6606
If you haven't picked up your 2021 Pledge envelopes, please call the Church office to arrange pick up or delivery.

Stewardship Report

Thank you so much for your continued financial support of Epiphany. Your generosity has allowed us to stay current on paying salaries, utilities, insurance and has made it possible to continue our video ministry filled with beautiful music. The videos are enjoyed by hundreds of households each week.

Your pledges will pay for approximately 70% of our 2021 budget. If your financial situation allows, please consider tithing from your federal stimulus check when it arrives. Your extra gift would help Epiphany’s finances during a challenging time. 

Thank you,

In Our Thoughts and Prayers

Sheila Brinck
Jerry Cronin
Kevin LaPointe
Alice Matuskowitz
Bill Maxwell
Sherry Pebworth
Mike Scott
July Birthdays

05 - Carlos Fernandez III
05 - Blake Pipis
10 - Ron Braswell
17 - Ariel Fernandez
21 - Jennifer O'Connell
28 - Lem Apperson
July Anniversaries

22 - Chris & Anita Colburn
30 - Sharri & Barbara Lester

New Members
Check out the pictures
Following our service Sunday, the Parish Hall will be open to enable you to look at the vast collection of pictures the Anniversary Committee assembled, depicting 100 years of parish life. Feel free to enter and look. Pictures will be up for a while, so if this Sunday doesn't work, visit at a later time. 

For the latest schedule of events, visit our website at