EUMC MISSIONS Update - November 18, 2020

Magnolia Springs is asking us to contribute to their Christmas collection for their seniors. Our assignment is to collect 100 boxes of Kleenexes and have them wrapped for their 12 days of Christmas celebration. So if you are willing, please buy some boxes of Kleenex and wrap them and bring it up here to Epiphany where we have a table to collect them all! You may wrap them with Christmas paper, but please do not use any ribbons as that makes it hard for the seniors to undo. These need to be in by Sunday, November 29. We have about 10 boxes so far. Thank you!

Our Children of Zion Village Christmas Catalog is HERE!!! Help support one of our very own missions in Africa. There are many options available to buy something for Christmas that will be a huge benefit to our kids at the village. We only have 50 catalogs so be quick to respond! This would be a great way for SMALL GROUPS to come together and make a greater contribution together to benefit the Children of Zion Village! Call the office and stop up here if you would like to take a catalog home and consider how you may make a difference in the lives of our African children!

Santa's Workshop is scheduled for Saturday, December 12! This is our ministry where we provide local children the opportunity to do some Christmas shopping for their parents. We will need you to buy some gifts that would be ideal for parents of young kids. We will set up a collection area in the hallway for these donations. Some suggestions for donations are: hats, gloves, scarves, sweaters, t-shirts, slippers, socks, candles, books, tools, calendars, etc. etc. etc. You get the idea. Because of the pandemic, we will not be offering a full program for the kids, but we do want to give them the opportunity to shop for their parents and get their gifts wrapped which we will set up throughout the hallway. We will be asking for volunteers on the day of the ministry as we get closer to the date! Stay tuned!

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