EUMC SMALL GROUP Update - January 20, 2021

     As we draw closer to the LENT/EASTER season I wanted to give everyone an opportunity to see what we are planning. Our theme will be "Embracing the Uncertain". There is a 40 day devotional that I would like all of our small groups to have as we prepare ourselves for Easter. We have just ordered 25 copies and will make those available to everybody as soon as they arrive. If you want to buy your own copy you can go HERE. Please use these for existing small groups. You can also use this to launch a new small group, use it as a family, or individually. 

Ash Wednesday is on February 17 which will begin this study. There will be a 24-hour prayer vigil starting on Tuesday, February 16 that will lead into our Ash Wednesday service. We are still trying to decide just how we will do Ash Wednesday. We will let everyone know when we make a decision as to how we will go about it. 

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Pastor Scott
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