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Epiphany Update

Building a Network of Learning and Practice

The Safe Church office was created to resource the transformative work of protecting children, youth, and vulnerable adults across the church and in the world through training and practice. As we build a network of trainers using the new Safe Church, Safe Communities curriculum, we are creating a community of learning and practice prepared to show the love of Christ appropriately through informed and intentional action. We also curate resources to enhance the training courses available at Praesidium Academy through constant evaluation and sharing stories, as well as consulting on policy and practice.


We hosted four pilot training sessions for diocesan Safe Church administrators and trainers during October. Many thanks to co-trainers Eric Travis and Tim Spannaus and all those who took the leap with us! We continue to receive feedback and are fine-tuning our slide deck as we dial in this approach to online training.

With our current goal of equipping two Diocesan Trainers for each diocese, we will launch new training for those trainers on Thursday, January 26. A direct invitation will be shared with the Diocesan Training Cohort within the week. Please use the "Safe Church, Safe Communities Contact Sign-up" link below to update your diocesan information. We intend to host the diocesan training on Fourth Thursdays through June if demand remains consistent.

New training resources available through Praesidium Academy will be put to use, including the Training Guidebook and individual course slide-decks for in-person training. These new resources will only be made available to those who participate in train-the-trainer online sessions. More specific and robust administrator training is also in the works as we coordinate with Praesidium support on that front. Stay tuned!

We continue to identify existing and new diocesan administrators and trainers each week. If you need to correct your status or want to add names and emails to our network, please share and use the following link: 

Safe Church, Safe Communities Contact Sign-up

Oxford Background Checks

Oxford Document Management Co. provides background screening services exclusively to the religious community. They have worked with dioceses of The Episcopal Church for over 25 years. They have long been utilized for more thorough background checks required in discernment and search processes for clergy.


Oxford offers a full array of background screening services including public record checks (criminal records at the county, state and federal level; credit records and motor vehicle records). They also offer an exclusive reference questionnaire process that simplifies inquiries with former educational, employment, and ecclesiastical authorities going back 5 to 15 years.


They are a small family owned business located in Minnesota. They provide personalized service and can tailor a background screening process to meet the needs of each individual client. Oxford does not interface directly with the Praesidium integrated background checks available for additional fees.


Oxford's Website: Phone: 800-801-9114

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Looking to Personalize your Praesidium page? Want to add background checks to your Praesidium package?

The Episcopal Church's contract with Praesidium is a client/vendor relationship. Our current contract is for Praesidium to provide training materials through their online learning platform, Academy. Personalizing pages and adding local policy updates require labor above and beyond our contract. A new price sheet has been developed for distribution to make the options clear. You may also choose to pay for an "integrated" account to include background check services. Please contact Praesidium for details. 

Praesidium Extras Price Sheet
Integrated Background Check Webinar Recording

Safe Church Council

of Advice

The Safe Church Council of Advice consists of twelve members from a diversity of ministry contexts, ethnicities, provinces, and cultural identities. Nine of twelve council members were able to join the Formation Department’s Joint Council meeting in December. The council identified the following areas of continued development and new initiatives that they intend to support:

+ Training support for online and in person gatherings

+ Facilitating Networks for Trainers and Learning Cohorts

+ Supplemental Resource Development (templates, documents, guidelines, etc.)

+ Website development

+ Advocacy and marketing for practicing the policies as trained

Stay tuned for more as they gain momentum and new resources are created. Read more about this new group below in the manager's remarks.


Haven't updated your local Diocesan Policy yet? Click these links to the Model Policies for the Protection of Children and Youth and Vulnerable Adults and share with your diocesan chancellor and Safe Church Administrator. Both policies are also available in Spanish.

From the Manager

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

It is good to be back from the holiday break. I recognize that for many this has not been a slower season of rest and reflection, but a hectic season of celebration requiring many resources. I hope and pray that this office and the Council of Advice supporting it can be a helpful resource to you in your ministry.

I offer prayers of gratitude for the newest Council of Advice members within the Department of Faith Formation. Please join me in welcoming and praying for those pictured above: Katherine Muhlenbruch (Texas), The Rev. Deacon Tim Spannaus (Michigan), Cookie Cantwell (East Carolina), Eric Travis (Ohio), Brother Angel Gabriel Roque (Rio Grande), The Rev. Charlotte Johnson (Chicago), The Rev. Ivette Linares (Puerto Rico), Emily Gowdy-Canady (East Carolina), The Rev. Deacon Jess Elfring-Roberts (Chicago and ECCC), and not pictured Kai Alsteen (Newark), Alison Feigh (Minnesota), and The Rt. Rev. Deon Johnson (Missouri).

We are committed to carrying forward the vision and work set forth by the General Convention Task Forces that created the current Model Policies for the Protection of Children, Youth, and Vulnerable Adults and the new Safe Church, Safe Communities training courses. We look forward to seeing many of you at the Forma conference this month. Please stop by our table in the exhibit area for information and swag!

Let me know what questions you have and make sure to watch for updates at and in regular emails and notices.

May this season of Epiphany be enlightening and energizing!


(and Biff, the Christmas Puppy)

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Bronwyn Clark Skov, Manager

Safe Church, Safe Communities


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