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June 1, 2021

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From Rev Christen
Dear Epiphany Parish,

This Sunday, June 6th is our Annual Parish Meeting. We will gather outdoors immediately after the 10:15am service in the driveway. The annual meeting is the time each year where this community gathers to organize, to reflect on the ministry that we have done over the past year, to vote on new leadership, and to think ahead to what God may be calling us to in this upcoming year.
At the Annual Meeting, we will be hearing and accepting ministry reports, voting on a slate for vestry, reviewing the budget that the vestry has approved for the upcoming year, thanking our outgoing leadership, and hearing about the new and exciting things that are happening at Epiphany.
Our Annual Meeting is a vitally important part of what we do as a parish community and even more so after this challenging year. Please see below for more information including a slate for elections and the 2020 Annual Report. I hope to see you this Sunday!  

Peace in Christ,
Rev. Christen
Annual Meeting
Sunday, June 6, 2021 11:30

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Read 2020 Annual Report Here

Slate of Candidates:
Senior Warden: George Ford (2022)
Junior Warden: Mark Helm (2022)
Treasurer: Susan Cosman (2022)
Clerk: Corwin Hee (2022)
Vestry Member: Elyse Kelley (2024)
Vestry Member: Joanne Douglas (2024)
Diocesan Convention Delegate: Janice Allman (2022)
Diocesan Convention Delegate: Kevin Miller (2022)
Diocesan Convention Delegate (Alternate): Elyse Kelley (2022)
Deanery Assembly Representative: Kevin Miller (2022)
Deanery Assembly Representative: Susan Cosman (2022)
Deanery Assembly Representative: Joanne Douglas (2022)
The following people will be continuing to serve on the vestry this year:
Vestry Member: Bob McElhinney (2022)
Vestry Member: Kerry Donlan (2022)
Vestry Member: Rhonda Perreault (2023)
Vestry Member: John Robinson (2023)

Our by-laws state that, "Any baptized person of the age of sixteen years or more who declares an intention to support the Parish by regular attendance at public worship and by financial support, shall be considered a member of this parish and entitled to vote in its affairs."
All are welcome to attend the annual meeting, but only members may vote.
Congratulations to our 2021 Graduates!

Justin Schneider
Walpole High School

Olivia DiPasca
Ithaca College

Seeking Dutton Youth Scholarship Applicants
 In 2018, the vestry voted to expand the Dutton Acolyte Scholarship to recognize any youth within 2 years of graduating high school who have supported Epiphany Parish. The Dutton Scholarship is a one-time award for High School graduates who are continuing their education. The amount of the scholarship is determined by the vestry each year depending on eligible funds.
All youth who are graduating high school this year or have graduated high school within the past 2 years and who have served Epiphany Parish consistently as an acolyte, or have consistent participation in 2 or more of the following activities, are eligible to apply:
Consistent serving as an acolyte, consistent teaching or assisting in Sunday School, participation in YLA and/or Diocesan Youth Counsel, lay reader, volunteer at Barbara C. Harris Camp, youth representative on vestry, leadership role in youth group, consistent participation in outreach activities such as Breaking Bread or Pumpkin Patch, or administrative duties.
To apply, applicants are required to write a letter describing the impact participation in the above activities has had on them and their plans for continuing their education. Applications will be reviewed by a committee consisting of the Rector, the acolyte director, and a Vestry representative(s).
Applications may be emailed to office.epiphany@verizon.net and must be received by tomorrow.
Sunday, June 6, 2021
Second Sunday after Pentecost

Morning Prayer via phone - 8:30 AM
Sunday Worship In-Person, Outdoor or on Facebook Live at 10:15 AM

Please sign up in advance for attendance in-person or for wafers if worshiping virtually.
To sign up for in-person worship - CLICK HERE.
The Bulletin & Prayers of the People will be emailed on Friday.
Notes from the Office
Congratulations to the Lovetere Family for the baptism of Joanna Pauline on May 30, 2021.
Save the Dates
June 6. 2021 - Annual Meeting - Sunday following worship - Warrant Posted
June 19, 2021 - Walpole's 2nd Annual Juneteenth Celebration - 4:00pm - 8:00pm on the town common. Click for Flyer.

Weekly Calendar
Sunday Morning Prayer - by Phone at 8:30am
Sunday Morning Worship - In-Person & Facebook Live at 10:15am
Last Sunday School Lesson - Gifts available
Tuesday Open Vestry Meetings - virtually every third Tuesday via Zoom
Wednesday Morning Prayer - by Phone at 7:15
Wednesday - First of the month - Sacred Ground June 2, 2021
Saturdays - Wafer/Envelope Pick Up - 10:00am - 12:00pm

Office Hours
The office is now open Tuesday & Wednesday 10-2:00pm. Please call to arrange a time to meet in person for different days or times. Please contact Rev Christen directly if you have a pastoral emergency.
common cathedral
June dates are on Sunday, June 13th & 27th
We are signed up for 50 granola bars and 50 pieces of fruit.
common cathedral has requested to bring only soft fruit (like bananas, oranges, grapes) no hard fruit (like apples). Please bring more bananas than oranges if able.
common cathedral provides food, community, worship, and so much more to folks in Boston who are experiencing homelessness. Epiphany Parish has supported common cathedral in many ways throughout the years. common cathedral has adapted their programs during the pandemic in order to continue to safely support the members of their community. They are also asking that you please also consider a monetary gift to support this meaningful and very needed ministry: https://commoncathedral.org/donations
Need help?  
Please CLICK HERE for a list of resources and support for mental health, domestic violence, and substance abuse disorders.
Food insecurity: Contact the Project Bread FoodSource Hotline: 1-800-645-8333; open 8 a.m.-7 p.m., Monday-Friday, and 10 a.m.-2 p.m. on Saturdays throughout the crisis (TTY line: 1-800-377-1292).
Financial Assistance: There are also some funds available at Epiphany Parish to help members of our community in a financial emergency. Please reach out confidentially to Rev. Christen (978-758-7270) if you have any questions or need financial support. If you are struggling to buy food or medicine, pay bills, buy gas, or struggling in any other way, please do not suffer in silence. We are all in this together and Epiphany Parish is here to support you in whatever ways we can.
Diocesan COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund: The fund will address critical community needs and congregational sustainability during the time of the pandemic. The fund is now open to receive online gifts at www.diomass.org/give-now.
Outreach Opportunities - Walpole & Beyond
Give blood - The American Red Cross is experiencing a severe shortage of blood because many blood drives have been cancelled around the country in recent weeks. If you are eligible to give blood and wish to do so, you can make an appointment online here: https://www.redcross.org/give-blood.html
Hospital Visitation - At this time Rev. Christen is only visiting the hospital or other care facilities in times of extreme emergency or for end-of-life needs. If you or a loved one is in need of a hospital visit please contact Rev. Christen at christen.epiphany@gmail.com.
Feeling a call (or a tug, or a pull) - to get involved in the life of our Parish, but don't know where to start? Please contact Rev. Christen at christen.epiphany@gmail.com to learn about the many opportunities to serve.
Epiphany Parish Welcome Statement - Epiphany Episcopal Parish welcomes all those who seek a spiritual connection to God. We embrace the young and the old; the seasoned and the newcomer; the married, single, separated, divorced and widowed; those of all sexual orientations and gender identities; those from any economic, ethnic, cultural or religious background; and those of all abilities. We not only welcome diversity at Epiphany, we celebrate it.
Epiphany Email Policy: As recently as April 8th, fraudulent emails are continuing to become more common and more sophisticated, please note that Rev. Christen, Epiphany Parish staff, and/or the members of our Vestry will never solicit money, gift cards, or personal information via email. If you have any questions or concerns about an email request you receive from a leader or staff person in our parish, please do not hesitate to contact the parish office at 508-668-2353.