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January 31, 2024


Episcopal 101 Returns This Sunday February 4th @ Noon 


        This very popular six-week class is specifically designed for those who are relatively new to this tradition or to GSP and also for folks considering being officially Received into the church. This year, Bishop Reddall will make her formal visit to GSP on April 14, and that is the day she will confirm, receive, and ceremonially welcome new members to the parish. In addition, many folks at GSP and beyond take this class for as a refresher, to increase their knowledge in specific areas, or to hear the Rector’s take on the history, liturgy, sacramental tradition and theology of the church. 




February 4 - Church History to the Protestant Reformation


February 11 - Church History from the Henry VIII thing, to the George III thing, and in the United States


February 25 - (Lent 2) The Book of Common Prayer and the Liturgy


March 10 - (Lent 4) - The Sacramental Tradition


March 17 - (Lent 5) - American Church Polity and what else happened in Philadelphia in 1789


March 24 - (Palm Sunday) A comparison of Christian denominations, present day challenges in T.E.C. and the Anglican Communion. Come join the discussions and the fun.

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