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Photo from the recent St. Paul Teens Encounter Christ weekend held at St. John the Evangelist, St. Paul.


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I loved Palm Sunday as a kid. We always went outside and processed around our little church. When I was in high school, my opinion changed. I felt embarrassed and fearful that one of my friends would drive by.

A few years later, when I was serving as a seminarian in a church armed with all of my newly obtained theological education, I once again was enthusiastic about Palm Sunday and the prospect of a procession outside around at least the church if not the entire neighborhood.  When I brought this passion to the rector, he just smiled and said, "folks won't want to go outside in their Sunday best."

Journey is not always easy. Sometimes it is exciting and filled with adventure and many want to accompany you. At other times, it is slow going. Maybe you are completely stuck and feel like you are walking all alone.

The week begins with a triumphant entry with folks waving palms shouting Hosanna! Yet in short order, barely clothed, beaten and undoubtedly exhausted, Jesus is mocked as he carries the heavy wood he will hang from.

Like all of ours, Jesus' journey was filled with great joy and great pain.  Along the way, Jesus also certainly felt loneliness - but never felt alone because every step he took, he took with God.

We are called to the same in our journey. This Palm Sunday and every day of our lives, every step we take we take with God. Just as with Jesus, we are not alone.

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Easter Messages
Bishop Prior's Easter message

As most of you know a couple of weeks ago I was at the Kanuga Conference Center in North Carolina for the House of Bishops meeting. For over 30 years Kanuga has been one of my "spiritual homes." As such, it was wonderful to be there. Read entire message.

Presiding Bishop's Easter message

The Resurrection must be understood in significantly different images and metaphors in the southern hemisphere, when Easter always arrives in the transition from summer to winter.  Even as a hard, hard winter lingers on in northern climes, with unaccustomed April snow in many places, we yearn for the new life we know is waiting around the corner.  As Christians, we're meant to have the same hunger for the new creation emerging all around us. Read entire message.

Mission Project 2011: NetsforLife
Rock for Nets
rock for nets
The rocking chairs at St. George's in St. Louis Park were nearly worth their weight in gold last Friday.Six rocking chairs - and the middle schoolers and adults rocking and laughing in them for four hours - raised more than $720 for Nets for Life, and the pledges are still coming in. Read full story.
Episcopal Church in MN News
East Metro Bishop's Area Gathering welcomes many

This past weekend, folks from across the Twin Cities gathered ate metro gathering East metro churches for the Bishop's Area Gathering. Among the events was "Taste of St. Paul & East Metro" which gathered faith communities at St. Christopher's, Roseville, for food, sharing of stories, a Hmong blessing for the Bishop, and a modified celebration of Evening Prayer. It was a success by all counts, especially with the first warm day of spring competing for people's time and attendance. Lots of photos were taken. You can see all the photos on the homepage of the website.

Information session: Partnership for a Mission Church

Consider being part of one of 16 congregations to participate in the first ever Twin Cities Partnership for Missional Church cluster. These intentionally ecumenical clusters engage in a dynamic three year process that supports each congregation in discovering and developing their own unique response to God's promised and preferred future for them. To learn more about this exciting missional church process, contact us at Church Innovations 651-644-3653 and ask for John Mueller Nowell, or contact John directly at jmnowell@churchinnovations.org.

Job openings
Priest in Charge, St. James on the Parkway

Bishop Prior is receiving names to be considered for Priest in Charge at St. James on the Parkway in Minneapolis. Please see (imbed link, as attached) their profile for more information. If you are interested, please send a cover letter articulating your sense of call and fit for the position, along with your resume and/or Transition Ministry Portfolio by May 2, 2011 to Canon Karen Olson, 1730 Clifton Place, Suite 201, Minneapolis, MN 55403, or e-mail karen.o@episcopalmn.org.
Headlines from the Wider Church
Episcopal Church Older Adult Ministries Task Force addresses issues of older adults, offers resources



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