Episcopal Diocese of Utah
September Newsletter
Second Edition
September 17, 2019
Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost
Liturgical color is green.
Clergy and Laity Encouraged to Attend Rooted in Jesus Conference:
Grant Applications Available
Rooted in Jesus is a conference to be held by The Episcopal Church in Atlanta, Georgia, January 22–24, 2020. Episcopalians throughout the wider church will come together to talk about discipleship, leadership, evangelism, formation, preaching, stewardship, communication and more. Members of the clergy and laity throughout the diocese are encouraged to attend.

Grant applications are to be submitted by the leadership of congregations/ministries in the Diocese of Utah for all laity in their congregation/ministry who plan to attend. The application form can be found here:   https://bit.ly/2mbWWWn

Grant monies of $1500 per person will be used toward the costs of attending the conference, including registration, airfare, and hotel. (For Clergy funding options, please see the letter sent by Bishop Hayashi.) If you wish to receive your grant monies on or around Sep 30, which is the deadline for Early Bird pricing for the conference, please return the grant application form by Sep 20. Grant applications will be accepted after Sep 20; however, grant monies may not be distributed until after Sep 30, at which time the cost of the conference will increase. The grant amount will remain at $1500.

Attendees are expected to complete their own registration for the conference. They will subsequently receive an invoice for the cost of the conference. The conference registration page can be found at the following link:   https://bit.ly/2kgPrgi Grant funds are designed to cover most conference costs.

Double occupancy is encouraged for hotel room bookings, when possible. Hotel reservations can be  made here. To find more our about Rooted in Jesus,   visit the conference website .
The Tuttle School is Now in Session!
The Rt. Rev. Scott B. Hayashi facilitated a lively session about the Gospel of St. Mark on September 14th at the Episcopal Church Center of Utah It was the first of a series of classes on the New Testament in what Bishop Hayashi calls the “taste of Tuttle,” in that it introduces the diocesan community to a new learning opportunity. The Tuttle School is a diocesan program of discernment, education, and potentially formation to ordination to the Deaconate. It features the widely used Iona study program developed by the Seminary of the Southwest in Austin. The full program starts in February. The Bishop started the class by announcing that discussing the Bible and these types of classes are some of the joyous highlights of his long ministry. 

As the program revealed portions of The Gospel of Mark, and set up a historical context, the Bishop challenged the group to feel what it means “to Gospel.” In other words, how does a Christian become the Gospel in today’s world and how would people tell of the Lord today to those who have no frame of reference to the Bible.

The Bishop will continue leading the New Testament series throughout the fall on Saturdays and it is open to all without commitment to signing up for the full formation program. It is also being offered without cost. Thirty-five people from throughout the diocese attended the first session. School administrators invite new attendees to join the fall program as it continues. Again, it is open it all. For registration, click this link. For information, email tuttleschool@episcopal-ut.org. The next class will be on Saturday, October 12, at 8:30 a.m. at the Episcopal Church Center of Utah in Salt Lake City.
Registration for Full Tuttle School Program
This local formation program is designed to serve those wanting a deeper understanding of faith and to offer formation for those seeking to hear God’s calling. The diocesan effort is geared toward two goals:   

  • A local formation program for those in the ordination process for the Deaconate

  • To deepen the theological and biblical knowledge of the people of Utah. You do not need to be in the ordination process to enroll. 

Classes will be held over one weekend a month. The academic term lasts 10 months and starts February 8, 2020. Classes run Saturdays 8:30-5:00 and Sundays 8:30-noon. The Cost is $750/year plus books and housing. Grants are available to help defer costs.

Study, learn, worship, pray and share meals together as you experience in a local community a commitment to strengthen your ministries, to hear God’s calling, and to discern your own path as disciple of Jesus.

Further information is available on the diocesan website or by emailing tuttleschool@episcopal-ut.org. Register for the program by clicking here.
Special Diocesan Podcast Series to Debut September 23:
"Church and State" A Look Inside The Episcopal Church's
Office of Government Relations
Politics has become a main dinner table topic as well as the dominant feature of news. It has also become a case of "church and state" type discussions in our diocesan convention resolutions and in our General Convention.

Social justice advocacy was a requirement stated in our Bishop search that elected The Rt. Rev. Scott B. Hayashi. Few seem to know that our church has lobbyists on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. who are dedicated to advocate for General Convention resolutions about poverty, immigration, equality, and dozens of other topics. The Episcopal Church's Office of Government Regulations also assists congregations and dioceses about advocacy strategies and organization. Bishop Hayashi, who frequently advocates for social justice issues, wants all to know of this important ministry and well-respected presence in Washington D.C., especially as politics and social issues have become part of daily life in this political time. 

Tune into our special podcast series about the ministry of social justice - your church’s voice in Washington. The first podcast debuts September 23rd featuring Rebecca Linder Blachly, Director of The Episcopal Church Office of Government Relations and hosted by Bishop Hayashi. 

Also keep listening to your regular diocesan podcast— the Utah Epodcopalians. 
New Episode of Utah Epodcopalians Talks Sunday School
Kids are back in school and that also means “church school.” On this timely episode of Utah Epodcopalians we talk Sunday School with St. Paul’s (SLC) Russ Pack. Russ just finished 27 years teaching and directing Sunday School and youth programs at the urban parish.

He’s seen children and curriculum change as the world has changed. There are also vital changes and emphasis on the ways we handle safety and inclusivity. Despite all the changes through time, “Church School,” is an all-important ministry in our church and with those who have children. The photo is of our Helper “Church School” in the 1930s.

Vernal Loves Coffee: Connecting with Community at Local Farmer's Market
 by Connie Gordon
A few years ago, the leadership team at St. Paul’s in Vernal was considering how to increase our visibility in the community and at the same, have a fundraiser. The folks on our leadership team are also involved in Vernal’s Farmer’s Market, and so it made sense to have a booth at the Farmers Market. We saw that the Farmer’s market was lacking a coffee stand and so we set out to fill that niche. We knew we wanted to find a coffee that fit our values and it didn’t take long for us to find Equal Exchange. At Equal Exchange, all the farmers own a share of the coffee cooperative. This means that even a small coffee farmer has a place in the world market. This is different than other fair trade models which favor large plantations and multi-national corporations. 

As consumers of coffee and stewards of creation this resonated with us. Equal Exchange works directly with indigenous peoples to market their product directly to the consumer as an authentic fair trade organization. We buy only organically produced coffee, and organic cane sugar. All of our cups are compostable. When we signed up with Equal Exchange we were also able to choose the charity of our choice to donate 5% of our purchases. We were pleased to find Episcopal Relief and Development on the list. We buy hundreds of pounds of coffee over the course of the summer and that 5% adds up.*  We have been very well received at the Farmer’s Market. At the start of the summer someone buying coffee from us and hearing the story of Fair Trade, said “Wow, you guys really have boots on the ground.” In terms of a fundraiser, there are certainly more profitable ones - our first summer we basically broke even on getting set up with our initial purchases of equipment and coffee. We hope that this year will realize some income, but we can’t beat the exposure and wonderful conversations we have with members of the wider community. Our specialty is cold brewed coffee (over 60% less acid) but we also serve fresh, French pressed, freshly ground coffee as well.  We have a lovely spot in the shade of a large pine tree, and our booth frequently has groups of people standing in the shade drinking coffee and having all manner of conversations. Our musicians are some of our best volunteers at the market and we regularly break into song and guitar between customers. If your summer travels take you to Vernal, please stop by and say hi. If you are interested in purchasing this coffee, we offer it for sale for $20 a pound, ground or whole bean, plus shipping. 

*This specific information about Equal Exchange coffee comes from their website found at:  https://shop.equalexchange.coop/collections/coffee
Diocesan Book Group
The Diocesan Book Group meets every Monday from 11:45 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the ECCU. Everyone is welcome!

The group will begin studying “The Gathering of Zion” by Wallace Stegner on Monday, September 23rd. The discussions are lively and diverse opinions are welcome.

For more information please contact Ernie Hale at 801-532-6406 or  erniehale@gmail.com.
Interfaith Prayer Vigil

Friday October 4th
St. Mark's Episcopal Church
6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Reception to follow
All are welcome to the annual prayer vigil that celebrates faith diversity through sacred readings, inspiring music and Guided Heart Meditation.

Fall Youth Retreat

Friday October 4th
Camp Tuttle
12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.
Reception to follow.
Join a fun-filled weekend in the mountains and the changing colors of the season. Activities will include a Halloween party, decorating pumpkins and much more. The retreat is for Junior and Senior High Youth (grades 6-12.) Cost is $65.
For questions and scholarship requests, email  Karen Gleeson .

Swords to Ploughshares Event

Saturday, October 5th
All Saints Episcopal Church
12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.
Reception to follow.
Come join this interactive event where RawTools will transform donated guns into ploughshares (garden tools.)

The tools will be used to plant trees over the next several months. The event will include inspiring speakers, music and a short worship service. All are welcome to attend.

GO! Monday

Monday, October 14th
St. Paul's Episcopal Church, SLC
6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

This is the first Go Monday of the season! Please come and join in on good conversation, food, music, games and prayer! "GO Mondays" are designed for youth in grades 6-12 to gather monthly at alternating churches around the Wasatch Front.