Episcopal Diocese of West Texas Hosts "Walk in Love" Border Tour
Province VII Bishops and The Episcopal Church Staff Seek to Listen and Learn
[May 15, 2019] The Episcopal Diocese of West Texas will host a "Walk in Love" Border Tour, May 15 - 17, 2019. The tour is an opportunity for regional Episcopal bishops and The Episcopal Church staff to listen and learn from individuals seeking asylum in the United States. Additionally, tour participants will hear from, and serve alongside, clergy and lay leaders within the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas who are involved in outreach ministries for asylum seekers, law enforcement, and government officials both in South Central Texas and in Matamoros, Mexico.

Joined by representatives from the Epi scopal Diocese of North Carolina, The Episcopal Church Offices of Government Relations and Global Partnerships, Episcopal News Service, and Episcopal Migration Ministries, staff members from the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas will facilitate listening opportunities through group discussions, service, and interviews on the tour.

The "Walk in Love" Border Tour will provide insight into lived experiences of asylum seekers, community members, church leaders, law enforcement, and government officials in the United States, helping to guide the church in practical and empathetic responses to the needs of others. The Rt. Rev. David M. Reed, Bishop of West Texas shares, "The intention of the perspectives and experiences gained on the tour is to provide information and shed the light of Christ, not stoke the fires of discord, on very complicated realities experienced by people within our communities. We greatly look forward to the opportunity to learn from our brothers and sisters in Christ, and further the ministries of hospitality and love, as Jesus has taught us, throughout our communities and our diocese."

Real-time coverage throughout the tour will be shared on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #WalkinLoveBorderTour. Full stories will be shared on the diocesan blog . For more information, contact Marthe Curry , Director of World Missions, at marthe.curry@dwtx.org or (888/210) 824-5387. 
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