January 2019
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Epiphany 2019
A Newsletter for Members and Friends of the Convocation of
Episcopal Churches in Europe
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The Epiphany January 6
O God, by the leading of a star you manifested your only Son to the peoples of the earth: Lead us, who know you now by faith, to your presence, where we may see your glory face to face; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen.

Epiphanie 6 Janvier
O Dieu, tu as révélé ton Fils unique aux nations de la terre grâce à l’étoile qui les guidait: Puisque nous te connaissons déjà par la foi, conduis-nous jusqu’à la contemplation de ta splendeur. Par Jésus Christ notre Seigneur, qui vit et règne avec toi et le Saint-Esprit, un seul Dieu, dans les siècles des siècles. Amen.

Epiphanias 6. Januar
Oh Gott, durch die Führung eines Sterns hast du deinen einzigen Sohn den Völkern der Erde kundgetan: Führe uns, die dich nun im Glauben erkennen, in deine Gegenwart, wo wir deine Herrlichkeit von Angesicht zu Angesicht sehen mögen; durch Jesus Christus, unseren Herrn, der lebt und regiert mit dir und dem Heiligen Geist, ein Gott, jetzt und in Ewigkeit. Amen.

Pray with us in the  2019 Convocation Cycle of Prayer  available here
Upcoming Convocation Events
The Rev. Edda Wolff , who is the Interim Minister at Christ the King in Frankfurt, will be ordained priest by Bishop Whalon on January 20, 2019 at 11:00 a.m. Edda was ordained Deacon on June 30, 2018 in Oxford, England, UK. She is completing a PhD in theology at Cambridge University, and also completed her priestly formation at Westcott House. She has transferred into the Convocation from the Church of England. We rejoice with Edda and her husband Charles Ledbetter in anticipation of of her ordination.

 Erratum: In the December edition of this newsletter it was incorrectly stated that the ordination would be on January 19. The correct date is January 20.

Ordination of the Rev. Edda Wolff - January 20
Ordination of Jean Dumond Chavanne - March 3
Jean Dumond Chavanne is scheduled to be ordained at the American Cathedral of the Holy Trinity on Sunday, March 3, at 11 a.m. Dumond came to us as an ordinand of the Diocese of Haiti where Bishop Zaché Duracin is the current Bishop. However, he was later accepted into our ordination process, being sponsored by the Cathedral in Paris.

During his time in France, he has completed both a master in pedagogy as well as theological studies at the Institut catholique and the Institut protestant de Paris. In the summer, the European Institute of Christian Studies (EICS) administered the General Ordination Exam (in French) and has certified his formation.

Dumond and wife Rolande are active parishioners at the cathedral. Dumond and his family hope one day to return to their homeland and serve the Church as priest and teacher.
Annual Spirituality Conference - March 29-31
presented by COMB (Commission on the Ministry of the Baptized)

"Praised be you my Lord through Sister Water:
The Spirituality of Water"

Retreat Leader: The Rev. Canon Christopher Jage-Bowler
Weekend Retreat: March 29-31, 2019
The Guesthouse of the Missionsbenediktinerinnen, Tutzing Germany
The Rev. Canon Christopher Jage-Bowler is the chaplain of St. George’s Anglican Church in Berlin, a chaplaincy of the Church of England Diocese of Gibraltar in Europe. Born in Northampton, he studied theology in Cambridge and India before he was ordained at Bristol Cathedral. He is the long-term co-chair of the Council of Anglican/Episcopal Churches in Germany. For many years Christopher was the area dean for Germany. He is specifically interested in inter-religious dialogue and spirituality. In 2006 Christopher introduced the ‘Pfarrer vs. Imame’ (Pastors vs. Imams) inter-religious football game in Berlin.

Registration and other Information be found here
Bishop Transition

  • April 5, 6.30 p.m.:
  • Farewell and Welcome Celebration at the Cathedral in Paris
  • April 6, 11:00 a.m.: 
  • Ordination and Consecration of the new Bishop in Charge at the Cathedral in Paris, followed by a Reception
  • April 7, 11:00 a.m.: 
  • Holy Eucharist: Presiding Bishop Michael Curry presiding and preaching
Bishop Whalon
Convocation Seal
Bishop-elect Edington

The Rev. Mark D.W. Edington, our Bishop-elect, can only be ordained and consecrated when a  majority of the Standing Committees of all Episcopal dioceses and a majority of all diocesan bishops  have approved his election. On December 5, after having provided all required documents and certificates, we received permission to start the consent process! 

110 letters and emails have now been sent, consisting of a considerable amount of paper. With Advent and Christmas, it will take a while before we receive the necessary consents, and we will have to practice that rare discipline of “patient waiting.” But this allows us to focus on the preparations for the Consecration weekend.


April 5 and 6, 2019, will be a celebration of the ministry and mission of the Convocation. We will look back on and rejoice in Bishop Pierre’s ministry and welcome Mark Edington as he is ordained and consecrated as our Bishop to begin a new chapter in the life of the Convocation.

While we hope especially that the lay and clergy leadership of all our parishes and missions, as well as the chairs and members of all the Convocation commissions and committees will be able to come, the whole Convocation is invited! There will be an official registration process, once we have received the necessary number of consents. But you might want to start making arrangements for travel and accommodation.

For the latest information about the transition process, see the most recent Bishop Search/Transition Update


Historically the new bishop is given gifts of the many required items – crozier, pectoral cross, ring and vestments. The Presiding Bishop and Bishop-elect Mark Edington‘s diocese and parish have offered some of them, but the vestments remain to be purchased.

We hope the Convocation churches can join together to do that. We are accepting donations of any size in U.S. dollars and euros. If you are interested in contributing, please contact  nancyjanin@gmail.com for details. Thank you for your support
The Whalon Fund
for the
Creative Arts

From The Rev. Sunny Hallanan.... "When I think about our going-away gift for Bishop Whalon, I’m reminded of the time I gave my mother a cat for her birthday. Of course it was her cat, but I and my whole family benefited from the gift for many years. In the same way, we will honor Bishop Whalon for years to come, and also benefit from this gift. 

"In the next few months every congregation and group in the church will be encouraged to take a little time to think about how creative arts enhance our relationship with God, and how we might grow spiritually as well as reach beyond our church with more opportunities in the arts, inspired by our Bishop who is himself a musician, married to someone with is also artistic. You will be hearing more ideas and details in the Epiphany season."

Of course, you don’t have to wait to already begin to contribute to this fund. Just follow the instructions at 

Questions? The Rev Sunny Hallanan,  rector@allsaints.be   

Other Convocation Events

  • February 2-3: Visitation at St. James in Florence, Italy

  • February 4-7 Clergy Retreat

  • February 9-10: Visitation at Christ Church, Clermont-Ferrand FR

  • February 16-17: Visitation at All Saints in Waterloo, BE and Wallonia Missions

  • March 7-9: CAECG in Bonn, Germany

  • March 8-10: Visitation at Italian missions and at Buon Pastore in Milan, Italy

  • March 12-15 House of Bishops

  • April 5: Farewell and Welcome Celebration at the Cathedral in Paris at 6:30 p.m.

  • April 6: Ordination and Consecration of the new Bishop in Charge at the Cathedral in Paris at 11:00 a.m.

  • April 7: Presiding Bishop preaching at the Cathedral in Paris at 11:00 a.m.

  • May 3-5: APL "Experiencing the Holy" in Augsburg, Germany

  • May 30 - June 2: Ascension Weekend Youth Events: YAE in Wiesbaden; JAE in Waterloo

  • June 17-21 Clericus

  • September 4-7: CAECG Meeting

  • September 17-20 House of Bishop Meeting

  • October 24-27: 2019 Convocation Convention - Geneva, Switzerland 
Elected and Appointed...
At the Annual Convocation Convention in October 2018, in addition to the election of the Bishop of Charge, other elections took place:
  • Council of Advice (elect two in each order for a two-year term, and one in the lay order to complete a two-year term) 
  • Disciplinary Board (elect two in each order for a three-year term)
  • Observers to the Synod of the Church of England’s Diocese of Gibraltar in Europe (elect one in each order for a three-year term)

The newly constituted Council of Advice is made up of the following members:
  • Mrs. Anne Swardson, President (Paris)
  • The Rev. Canon Michael Rusk, Secretary (Geneva)
  • Mr. David Case (Munich)
  • The Rev. Deacon Richard Cole (Geneva)
  • Mrs. Carole Ducastel (Waterloo)
  • The Rev. Christopher Easthill (Wiesbaden)
  • The Rev. Canon Mary Haddad (Paris)
  • Mr. Vincenzo Racana (Rome)

The newly constituted Disciplinary Board is made up of the following members:
  • Mr. Patrice Huguenin, President (Geneva)
  • The Rev. Mary Ellen Dolan, Secretary (Hungary)
  • Dr. Joshua Farrier (Frankfurt)
  • The Rev. Dorothee Hahn (Romania)
  • The Rev. Lucinda Laird (Paris)
  • The Rev. Robert Warren (Clermont-Ferrand)
  • Dr. David Lee Williams (Clermont-Ferrand)

Observers to the Synod of the Church of England's Diocese of Gibraltar in Europe:
  • The Rev. Scott Moore (Nuremberg)
  • Mr. George Battrick (Munich)
Other newly appointed or elected persons from the Convocation are:

Erratum: In the December issue of this newsletter Mrs. Helena Mbele-Mbong of Emmanuel Church in Geneva was inadvertently omitted from this list. Helena was recently appointed to the Standing Commission on World Mission of The Episcopal Church for a three-year term.
Transitions in the Convocation
Transition at the Church of the Ascension in Munich, Germany
The Rev. Steven Smith has resigned as Rector of the Church of the Ascension in Munich, effective the end of 2018. Fr. Steve has been Rector of Ascension since 2009.

Currently, the parish is being served by supply clergy and an Interim Rector will be appointed in due course. Please keep the parish and Fr. Steve in your prayers, during this time of transition.
The Rev. Andrew Cooley begins as Interim at St. James, Florence
The Rev. Andrew A. Cooley and his wife, Terri, have arrived at St. James in Florence on January 2, 2019. As interim Rector, he will be at St. James for a year or longer as the parish searches for its next full-time Rector.

Fr. Cooley was ordained in 1985. He brings a wealth of experience to the job as a full time Rector for 25 years at three different churches. He served 16 years at St Marks in Durango, Colorado. For the last seven years he has been a full-time Interim Rector, assisting five different parishes during their transition.
Sermons online
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Francophone Outreach...
A la radio : le Magazine Anglican
Le « Magazine Anglican », animé par Laurence Moachon, paroissienne de la Cathédrale de la Sainte Trinité à Paris. 
À propos du Magazine Anglican :
Depuis septembre 2012, Laurence Moachon présente le 4e samedi du mois, le Magazine Anglican. Avec l’objectif de faire mieux connaître la tradition anglicane au public français, elle traite de sujets d’actualité culturelle, historique, liturgique ou ecclésiologique dans la Convocation et la Communion Anglicane. 
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"Go forth for God; go to the world in peace; be of good courage, armed with heavenly grace, in God's good Spirit daily to increase, till in his kingdom we behold his face."

                                                   Hymn 347 - Holy Eucharist; Music: Litton 
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