At its Winter meeting the Council of Advice chartered the new Convocation Communications Committee (CCC), which had been established by the Bishop in the Fall 2019.

The role of the CCC will be to coordinate and enhance the communications capabilities and capacities of the Convocation. Special emphasis will be given to Social Media, and close coordination with the parishes and missions of the Convocation. Existing modes of communication such as newsletters and the website will also get a facelift.

Members are: Thomas Girty (Paris), chair; Felicity Handford, Marc Smets-Tolley (both Waterloo), Walter Baer (Paris), Audrey Shankles (Wiesbaden), Helena Mbele-Mbong (Geneva), and Ellen Hampton (Paris), ex-officio. Others are being added.

The Convocation will also now be featured with four pages in the cathedral's semi-annual publication Trinité, covering Convocation events.