April 2018
Convocation News
April 2018
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Episcopal Churches in Europe
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A joyful Eastertide to all ...
Fourth Sunday of Easter
O God, whose Son Jesus is the good shepherd of your people: Grant that when we hear his voice we may know him who calls us each by name, and follow where he leads; who, with you and the Holy Spirit, lives and reigns, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Quatrième dimanche de Pâques
Seigneur notre Dieu, ton Fils Jésus est le bon berger de ton peuple: Accorde-nous de le reconnaître, lorsque nous l’entendons nous appeler chacun par notre nom; et de le suivre là où il nous mène. Lui qui vit et règne avec toi et le Saint-Esprit, un seul Dieu, dans les siècles des siècles. Amen.

Vierter Sonntag in der Osterzeit
Oh Gott, dessen Sohn Jesus der gute Hirte deines Volkes ist: Gewähre, dass wenn wir seine Stimme hören, wir ihn erkennen, der jeden von uns beim Namen ruft, und ihm folgen wohin er uns führt; der mit dir und dem Heiligen Geist lebt und regiert, ein Gott, von Ewigkeit zu Ewigkeit. Amen.

Pray with us in the Convocation Cycle of Prayer - available here
European Institute of Christian Studies
Academy for Parish Leadership

Inform, Aspire, Affirm

APL regional workshops are designed to train vestry members in the particular ministry of governance in the Church.

Workshops will focus on both general matters about vestry leadership and issues particular to different parts of Europe. 

This is especially useful for new vestry members, wardens, and treasurers.

In 2018 the Academy of Parish Leadership will host three regional Vestry Training Workshops in the Convocation.  Registration is open for all three APLs

June 15-16: APL Vestry Workshop for Francophonie (France, Belgium, Switzerland) at Manrèse in Clamart, near Paris

June 22-23: APL Vestry Workshop for Germany in Nuremberg 

The Academy focus will be on:

  • Clarity of Vestry/Bishop’s Committee roles and responsibilities
  • Best practices for Vestries/Bishop’s Committee, treasurers, wardens, secretaries
  • Combining the spiritual with the temporal
  • Managing parish ministries
  • Shared leadership
  • What is the mission of the church, what is the mission of the Vestry?
  • Understanding and implementing Clergy wellness practices
  • Dealing with different (and sometimes loud) voices in the parish
  • Being part of a larger whole: role of the Convocation
  • Regional issues (legal, financial regulations, etc.)
  • Shared leadership

We recognize the need for more frequent formation of Vestry members, officers and Bishop’s Committees, with a focus not only on Vestry basics but on the theology of shared leadership.

How do we work collaboratively to create a vision and a plan that reflects God’s dream for the congregation?

How do we balance God’s mission and vision with sound stewardship?

How do we identify and incorporate new leaders?
APL in Schloss Fürstenried, June 2017

The Bishop Search Process
Check out the

This website is the "go to" place for all information for the Bishop Search, Nomination, and the Transition processes. 

This site includes: 
  • The Convocation Profile, which was developed by the Bishop Search and Nomination Committee, both in an on-line and a downloadable form. 
  • When the list of candidates has been finalized, biographical and other information about the candidates will be posted. 
  • It will also include other information about the Convocation, which will assist persons who are interested in the bishop search process, including a description of the Convocation Parishes and Missions.
  • As of April 23, there have been over 21,600 visitors to the website.
  • The Bishop Search has engendered great interest in the Episcopal Church and elsewhere in the Anglican Communion.

Bishop Search Update E-Mails....

Search Update #1   - Nov. 12, 2017.  Search Update #2   - Dec. 16, 2017
Search Update #3   - Jan. 23, 2018
Search Update #4 - Feb. 24, 2018
Search Update #5 - Mar. 20, 2018
O God, we pray for the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe as we discern and elect a Bishop to serve your people, build up your Church and proclaim boldly the Gospel to the world. Send us, we pray, an apostle who is a wise counsellor, a merciful pastor, filled with your joy and grace. May your servant have the abundant gifts needed to lead your flock and the strength and courage to administer them. And may we renew and rededicate our lives to your will and service. All this we pray in the Name of our Great High Priest and Servant of the servants of God, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
Upcoming Convocation Events

  • April 27-28: COMB meeting in Geneva, Switzerland

  • April 27-29: Clergy Spouses Retreat

  • April 28-29: Visitation at Christ the King in Frankfurt, Germany

  • May 3-5: TEC-ELKB Dialogue in Augsburg, Germany

  • May 8: Board of Foreign Parishes Meeting in New York

  • May 10-13: Youth Events - Ascension Weekend
  • YAE - Florence, Italy
  • JAE - Clermont-Ferrand, FR

  • May 20: (Whitsunday) Visitation at the Cathedral in Paris, France

  • June 4-8: Clericus 

  • June 9-10: Visitation at Ascension in Munich, Germany

  • June 24: Visit to St. Alban's in Strasbourg

  • Sept 27- Oct 1 Bishop Candidates Walkabout

  • October 18-21 Convocation Electing Convention in Waterloo

  • November 16-18 Youth Leaders Training Event
Youth Commission
Ascension Day Weekend - May 10-13
Juniors Across Europe (JAE) will meet in the beautiful city of Clermont-Ferrand
in central France hosted by Christ Church
Youth Across Europe (YAE) will meet in Florence, hosted by St. James Episcopal Church
Juniors Across Europe

Juniors Across Europe is an annual event. JAE kids spend a weekend together, meeting new people, learning about God and the Bible, and enjoying the beauty of creation. The retreats are a great mix of fun times, good teaching and plenty of laughs.

The next event in May 2018 will be in Clermont-Ferrand, France.

Youth Across Europe 

Youth Across Europe offers a retreat for 13-19 year olds. Each year, a Convocation parish hosts the event, which happens during Ascensiontide weekend. 

The next YAE event is in Florence, Italy.

20s Across Europe

20s Across Europe is an annual event for young adults between 19 and 30, which includes fellowship, music, and prayer. A weekend packed full of Thought-provoking workshops, spiritual conversations, and time for down-time with a great group of 20s from all across Europe. This year's gathering is hosted by Christ the King in Frankfurt, Germany, June 22-23.
Cathedral Youth complete the Camino de Santiago de Compostela
Youth and youth sponsors from the American Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in Paris completed the famous Camino de Santiago de Compostela on Sunday, April 22. T he pilgrimage was led by Rev. Canon Mary Haddad and seminarian-in-residence, Tyson Røsberg . Eight youth and four adult sponsors were commissioned and sent forth at 11 a.m. Eucharist on April 15 to begin their weeklong trek.
Pentecost: Mission Sunday - Puerto Rico
The Feast of Pentecost is our annual Mission Sunday . A special offering is taken and designated to a mission or area of need designated by the Council of Advice.

This year's Convocation Mission Sunday offering will go to the Episcopal Diocese of Puerto Rico. The entire island was devastated by hurricane Maria in the last year. The Episcopal Church in Puerto Rico has been greatly involved in the recovery effort, even when government assistance was lagging.

The Diocese of Puerto Rico, one of the most vibrant and generous dioceses in the Episcopal Church, has been severely impacted by Hurricanes Irma and Maria, leaving the island largely without power, gas, water, and communications. In addition, many thousands are homeless or in precarious conditions.

The Diocese of Puerto Rico has always shown enormous leadership in reaching out to assist others in disasters such as recent earthquakes in Ecuador and neighboring hurricane-struck Caribbean Islands. They had been in the process of sending medical aid to other islands impacted by Hurricane Irma when they were themselves hit by Hurricane Maria.

The offering taken in our various congregations on Pentecost will be sent from the Convocation Office to the relief efforts in Episcopal Diocese of Puerto Rico.
Council of Advice
The Council of Advice reminds us of some important upcoming dates:

April 16 : Last date for parishes/missions to send to the Secretary of Convention, Deacon Richard Cole, the names of convention delegates and alternates (making clear which is which).

April 30 : Last day for grant applications and initial budget request to be submitted for to the Finance Committee for consideration in the 2019 budget.

May 20 (Pentecost) will be Mission Sunday. This years designated mission is the Episcopal Diocese of Puerto Rico to aid in hurricane recovery.

Francophone Outreach...
A la radio : le Magazine Anglican
Le « Magazine Anglican », animé par Laurence Moachon, paroissienne de la Cathédrale de la Sainte Trinité à Paris. 
À propos du Magazine Anglican :
Depuis septembre 2012, Laurence Moachon présente le 4e samedi du mois, le Magazine Anglican. Avec l’objectif de faire mieux connaître la tradition anglicane au public français, elle traite de sujets d’actualité culturelle, historique, liturgique ou ecclésiologique dans la Convocation et la Communion Anglicane. 
Sermons online
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Sermons from Presiding Bishop Michael Curry
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"Go forth for God; go to the world in peace; be of good courage, armed with heavenly grace, in God's good Spirit daily to increase, till in his kingdom we behold his face."

                                                   Hymn 347 - Holy Eucharist; Music: Litton 
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