The Adult Forum at the American Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in Paris on 23 June, will host Maria Luise Damrath. Ms. Damrath is the daughter of the Rev. Rudolf Damrath, the German Lutheran Chaplain at the American Cathedral in 1942-44, when the Cathedral served as the Deutsche Evangelische Wehrmachtskirche. Pastor Damrath’s time at the Cathedral during the Nazi occupation of Paris is featured in the most recent issue of Trinité. Ms Damrath will speak about her father and his struggles as a faithful Christian resisting an evil régime, as well has her own experiences as a young person in post-war Germany. The Ven. Walter Baer, Archdeacon of the Convocation, will join her at the forum and will engage Ms. Damrath in a question and answer interview format. There will also be photos and artifacts from the time of the occupation on display.