March 13, 2024

Take Another Look:

"The Logistics of Coordinating and Making Murals in Albuquerque"

Take Another Look: "The Logistics of Coordinating and Making Murals in Albuquerque" is a discussion between local muralists, Noé Barnett and Andrew Fearnside about what it takes to create murals.

Join us for the second of 3 episodes all about murals as Noé, Andrew, and joni discuss the logistics of coordinating and making murals in Albuquerque.

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Meet the Guests

Noé Barnett, a muralist and painter, infuses the streets with life through his vibrant creations. A native of Albuquerque, NM, Barnett's roots in this culturally rich city have shaped his approach to art. With a burgeoning reputation as a key player in the mural scene, Barnett has transformed public spaces into canvases in multiple states, bringing art directly to the people. His murals are more than mere decoration; they are dialogues in color and form, engaging communities and using light to invigorate public spaces with new narratives.

As Barnett transitions into the fine art arena, he carries with him the same ethos that has defined his street work: art as a catalyst for reflection and discourse. His fine art pieces delve into the topic of light, using it as both a subject and a medium with the goal of harnessing it, synthesizing it, and turning it into paintings that influence. All while maintaining the accessibility and boldness that characterize his larger outdoor works.

Andrew Fearnside makes murals and illustrations that use texture, pattern and color to explore relationships: shape and edges, harmony and disharmony, novelty and stability. His images arise from a drawing-based form-making language involving photography, digital collage and layer-building.

Andrew owes much to artists of the Expressionist lineage, from Kokoschka to Neel; like them, he values the irrational and the absurd, play and intuition as modes of thinking and research, and paradox and complexity over the obvious answers. Andrew makes art to understand. He makes art to ask questions.

Learn More About the People, Places, and Projects Discussed in Episode 8

Resources for Artists Interested in Murals and Public Art Projects

  • Mural Resource Center - Learn how to develop and organize a community based art project; the best practices of public art projects; putting together a budget; understanding funding; and understanding the Visual Artist Rights Act.

  • Public Art Handbook - Learn about the nuts and bolts of Public Art; developing a proposal; and contracts and artwork maintenance.

  • Resources for Artists - Helpful information for artists working on public art projects including how to find projects, the Visual Artists Rights Act, and insurance and taxation information.

  • MurosConnect Forum - The MurosConnect Forum through lets artists share their portfolio or mural proposal with property owners looking for murals and lets business/property owners post mural project opportunities.

Vision Zero Mural at Expo NM

Vision Zero, 2023 on the exterior wall of Expo New Mexico along Louisiana Blvd NE

The Vision Zero mural emerged from a community engagement process to create a beautiful and meaningful work of public art as well as to promote the City's Vision Zero initiative. The City's Vision Zero initiative is working toward eliminating traffic-related fatalities and serious injuries while increasing safe, healthy, equitable mobility, and transportation for all.

A team of youth (ages 15-19) who live in the International District, led by Artful Life, created a community outreach plan to develop the mural design. Stories and perspectives of International District residents who live near the mural site were integrated into the design by the youth team working in collaboration with lead artist Andrew Fearnside.

The youth team, local artists, and community members were involved in the design creation and painting of the mural.

Learn more about the Vision Zero Mural project.

In process images of Vision Zero

To the Mountain Top Mural at

Tijeras Ave and 1st St

To the Mountain Top, 2021 at Tijeras Ave and 1st St

To the Mountain Top by Noé Barnett is a mural that honors the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. and features other "pillars" from the Civil Rights leader's life - Booker T. Washington, Frederick Douglass, and Corretta Scott King.

The mural, commissioned by the Albuquerque Public Art Program and Keep Albuquerque Beautiful, features dynamic images of Dr. King including in front of the Washington Monument where he

delivered his famous speech "I have a Dream." The mural also includes a reference to one of Dr. King's speeches that is lesser known titled "I've been to the Mountain Top" that was delivered in Memphis, Tennessee in 1964 and a visible light spectrum which resembles a rainbow throughout the grayscale mural.

In process images of To the Mountain Top

Check Out More of

Noé's and Andrew's Murals

Check out Noé's mural on the Turquoise Museum at 2nd and Coal!

Follow Noé on Instagram @nb.artistry.

Check out Andrew's mural inside Whole Foods at Indian School and Carlisle!

Follow Andrew on Instagram and Facebook @andrewfearnsideart.

CABQ Public Art Program Murals

Jaque Fragua's Little Bear Mural at

3123 Central Ave NE

Murals are an integral and traditional part of the arts scene in Albuquerque and the southwest.

Check out some of the murals in Albuquerque funded by the City's Public Art Program.

Episode 9 Sneak Peek

The next episode of Take Another Look will focus on the role of partnerships and the community impact of mural projects.

joni will talk with Rose Eason, Executive Director of gallupARTS and Madalena Salazar, Executive Director of Working Classroom.

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