Beloved Epworth Community,

Though the coronavirus has changed how we are doing much of our ministry, it has also provided new opportunities for ministry. One potential for ministry is one for which your input is needed. Epworth has been contacted by Berkeley Ready (Part of the Office of Emergency Services) about being a mobile COVID-19 testing site. The City of Berkeley is reaching out to churches and other community groups to partner in the goal of having more testing available in the City. 

We need to confirm that we would have at least 40 persons who would utilize our site. Testing would occur outside on the diagonal strip of parking along Hopkins. Most likely it would be on a weekday afternoon between 1 and 4pm. If you or someone you know feels they need a COVID-19 test (this would not be restricted to members of Epworth) please click the button below. 
COVID-19 Mobile Testing
Would you be interested in utilizing a mobile testing site outside Epworth?
Yes, I/we are interested.
Epworth has also been hosting some amazing "Porch Jams!" Organized by Caroline Lee as a dimension of Community Concerts at Epworth, these informal sessions feature some of the same amazing musicians that play at the formal series. But due to coronavirus, many musicians are not able to play together. This is a socially distanced, non-wind instrument jam session, not a performance, and folks in the neighborhood can hear music from the distance of their lawn,  or a socially distanced lawn chair, all while masked. The purpose is not to draw a crowd, but to offer a respite to neighbors and musicians alike.

You may have noticed recently in last Sunday’s worship the debut of the " Front Porch Ensemble ." Kudos to Director of Music Ministries Jerry Asheim and choir members for rolling with another new restriction on singing in indoor spaces. I learned of this new rule last week on our Bay District clergy call, and while we expect to receive a written detail of this new guidance this week, we are pivoting to some new styles for the safety of all. These expressions of music and care have made Epworth visible to our neighbors in a new way and several have offered positive feedback.

In all of the ways you are pivoting and shifting, you are in my prayers. With God’s help we will get through this. With God’s help, we are continuing to be the church. Praise be to God.

Grace and peace,
Pastor Kristin
Opportunities to Connect, Pray, and Love
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Monday Evening Prayer - 7:30 PM
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Wednesday Evening Communion - 7:30 PM
In the gift of holy communion, we are reminded that Jesus remains with us through the power of the Holy Spirit in the bread and wine.

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