Join CWNY for 2020 PowHer NY Equal Pay Day Events
2020 PowHer Equal Pay Day Events
The events of the past weeks have changed the lives of Americans and drastically impacted women's economic security. CWNY, a PowHer New York Network partner, invites you to join PowHer NY online for an Equal Pay Day Webinar on March 30th and a Virtual Rally on March 31st addressing gender and racial economic inequity.
Equal Pay Day Webinar
National and New York experts will discuss the drivers of inequity and New York’s successful legislative responses; and highlight both the challenges and proactive actions we can all take to support specific groups of women, especially in light of devastating racial and gender wage discrimination in the face of the Coronavirus crisis. This webinar is part of the PowHer the Vote campaign.
Monday, March 30, 2020
1 pm - 2 pm EDT
Virtual Rally
Since 2007, New Yorkers have rallied on the steps of New York City Hall to commemorate National Equal Pay Day. This year, because of the Coronavirus, New York advocates and leaders will hold a Virtual Rally to raise up the issue of wage inequality for women, especially women of color who suffer the largest gender pay gaps. Recent events underscore women’s economic vulnerability, their critical role in creating and maintaining a healthy society, and the shocking lack of workplace and government support. Join us online to raise up these issues, discuss solutions, and call for change!
Tuesday, March 31, 2020
1 pm - 2 pm EDT
How will this work? From 1pm - 2pm PowHerNY’s Twitter (@PowHerNY) will be posting videos from advocates, represen-tatives and organizational leaders that will represent our normal lineup on the steps of City Hall. We ask that you join in by sharing these videos using #EqualPayNY!
Letters to the Editor Campaign
Please consider sending a Letter to the Editor to your local media outlet.
Our goal is to have as many letters appear across New York on or around Equal Pay Day which is March 31st. Please place your submission as soon as possible to make that happen! For samples and directions about submission, go to:
Find your local paper. Here is a link to papers across the state: