August 2020
History Through Art Student Submission 2020 - The Lady
The summer is speeding by and while we have all adjusted our routines during this time it is still exciting to see all of the work that our partners are doing to keep Baltimore on the map!

The Heritage Area is keeping busy too! This month we are promoting even more of your re-openings, virtual programs and fundraising campaigns. We are also busy promoting our own projects that look to add to the legacy and heritage of the city - a Maryland Public Television premiere of BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY ... Stories of Survival on September 21st, publishing our 2019 Year in Review, previewing our fall grant opportunities and spotlighting exciting partner projects.

More on these exciting initiatives can be found in this newsletter. As always, keep us in the loop as you look to get the word out on your projects and initiatives.

We are here for you!
Shauntee Daniels
Executive Director
Our Year in Review is Available

The BNHA had a fantastic 2019 and we want you to check out our progress!

A few highlights:

  • $754 million in economic impact to Baltimore
  • Projects have employed over 6,500 people
  • Over $468,000 in grants awarded to partners
  • Conducted over 900 walking tours

Partner Spotlight
The Single Carrot Theatre (SCT), in partnership with Saint John’s in the Village, was recently awarded a $14,900 grant for its project, Unmarked: Histories Told. This important project will commemorate 41 unmarked gravesites of African Americans in the cemetery of St. John’s Episcopal Church in Waverly. Telling these untold stories through a Black lens and actively connecting them to present day realities through interactive, theatrical performances will build deeper relevance for present-day residents of Waverly as well as audiences visiting Baltimore.

Stay engaged with this project by visiting their Facebook page.

Photo credit: Safe Space by R. Eric Thomas. Photo Glenn Ricci
Harriet Tubman Grove: Small Sign, Mighty Impact!

In 2018, BNHA awarded the Friends of Wyman Park Dell (FWPD) a $7,291 grant to support community engagement and the installation of new signage at the Confederate monument site in the park. After the removal of the Lee Jackson monument in 2017, the surrounding area was rededicated as the Harriet Tubman Grove following calls from community residents and activists. A new sign will identify the grove, while an interpretive sign entitled Harriet Tubman Grove: Rewriting History or Righting a Wrong? will be placed near the monument site.

With the interpretive sign, FWPD seeks to share Harriet Tubman's story, address the monument's history, and highlight the way in which monuments have come and gone from the Dell. The signs will be installed this fall. BNHA hopes residents and visitors alike will have the opportunity to learn more about the site's history while enjoying the great outdoors. This project exemplifies the famous Margaret Mead quote: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.”

Stay engaged with this project by visiting @wymanparkdell on Facebook and Instagram 


Equality Day
August 26, 2020

August 26, 2020 marks exactly 100 years since the 19th Amendment became law, ensuring that gender could not be used to exclude women from voting. Across the nation, national parks will join museums and cultural institutions in commemorating this anniversary through special programs, social media engagement, and an opportunity through the Forward into Light Initiative, to illuminate buildings and landmarks in purple and gold on August 26th, Equality Day. 
Upcoming Grant Opportunities

Mark your calendar! BNHA Grant Opportunities

Small Capital Grant Program

The BNHA administers a small capital grant program that makes small, yet strategic, investments in heritage tourism resources within the heritage area. Eligible projects include: Acquisition, development, preservation, restoration. (Requested projects can request up to $15,000 with a required match).

Application and FY21 guidelines will open online on September 15.

Neighborhood Placemaking Grant Program

The BNHA administers the Neighborhood Placemaking Grant Program, funded by the MHAA Block Grant program. Eligible projects can request $1,500-$5,000 with a required match of in-kind and/or cash match.

Application and FY21 guidelines will open online on September 15.


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Are you an aspiring photojournalist or a avid shutterbug?

BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY ... Stories of Survival
Coming to MPT
Monday, September 21st at 9pm
We are excited that Maryland Public Television has decided to air BNHA's film, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY ... Stories of Survival, that places squeegeeing in a historical context and also gives us the real story of squeegeeing from the perspective of the young men and women who do it every day.

The film will air on Monday, September 21st at 9pm with overnight repeats on Tuesday, September 22nd at 1am and 4am.

The Baltimore National Heritage Area works to promote, preserve, and enhance Baltimore's historic and cultural legacy and natural resources.