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Newsletter #113, Thursday, June 6, 2019
134 weeks down, 74 weeks to go until Election Day!
Equality For All
Emme Zanotti, a transgender woman, argues for the passage of the Equality Act for gender identity. Although American citizens of good-standing, transgenders can be fired from jobs, denied access to health care, forbidden to adopt children, donate organs and serve in the military. Most alarming of all, Zanotti writes, “ Our Black and Latina sisters are murdered with regularity.” June is #Pride Month and gives all Americans a chance to learn how to be an ally and push for equality for all.
Living in a "fake" world
Our sad, new, distorted reality is the explosion of fake videos, fake people on Facebook, and daily cries of "fake news." This week, we reached a peak fake, with Facebook saying it had deleted 2.2 billion fake accounts in three months, a fake video of Speaker Pelosi going viral, and Trump going on a fresh "fake news" tear. For why it matters, read more here. - Axios
Two-thirds of links to social media posted by automated accounts, not humans
Automated social media accounts called “bots” are capable of posting content or interacting with other users with no direct human involvement. They can play a valuable part in the social media ecosystem, answering questions in real time or providing updates about news stories or events. But they can also be used to alter perceptions of political discourse on social media, spread misinformation, or manipulate online rating and review systems. Read more here. - Pew Research Center
Events and other things to do
Thursday, June 6. Washtenaw Poor People's Campaign community meeting
There will be presentations on the Moral Fusion Summit and discussions of the merits of organizing a "Good Citizen" campaign focused on challenging the policies and practices of the University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University around employment discrimination against those with criminal charges convictions, global warming, and affordable housing. To learn more about the Michigan chapter of the Poor People’s Campaign and the work that they are doing, click here . Brown Chapel, 1043 W Michigan Ave, Ypsilanti . 5:30 pm
Sunday, June 9. Remember those who have lost their lives to gun violence
Stand with your community on this national #WearOrange weekend to remember and honor those who have lost their lives to gun violence and survivors.There will be a variety of special guest speakers at this community rally, as well as an opportunity to contribute to a community survivor remembrance artwork. Riverside Park, 2 E Cross St, Ypsilanti . 2–4 pm

Monday, June 10. Dearborn Heights Dems Monthly Meeting
Canfield Community Center, 1901 N Beech Daily Rd, Dearborn Heights . 7–8 pm
Michigan Resistance Calling Parties
This week we will call to f ix Michigan's Broken Bail Bond System!
Workshops and clinics on how to apply for citizenship
If you are ready to apply for citizenship, or have questions about the application process, the Detroit New Americans Campaign has 5 great ways to get started, keep going, and get to the finish line! Click here to learn more. One of the ways is to attend these free events:

  • Saturday, June 8. Citizenship Workshop at La Sed
  • For appointments, call (313) 433-6548 or email amanda@miunited.orgLA SED Senior and Youth Center, 7150 Vernor Hwy, Detroit. 10 am–noon
  • Monday, June 13. Citizenship Clinic
  • International Institute of Metropolitan Detroit, 111 E Kirby St, Detroit. (313) 600-7618 10 am–5 pm
  • Wednesday, June 15. Citizenship Workshop with SAAVI. For more information or to register, send an email to Sri Balaji Temple of Great Lakes, 3325 Middlebelt Rd, West Bloomfield Township. 9 am–1 pm
  • Thursday, June 20. Citizenship Clinic
  • International Institute of Metropolitan Detroit, 111 E Kirby St, Detroit. (313) 600-7618 10 am–5 pm
  • Thursday, June 27. Free Citizenship Clinic
  • International Institute of Metropolitan Detroit, 111 E Kirby St, Detroit. (313) 600-7618 10 am–5 pm
  • Thursday, July 4. Citizenship Clinic
  • International Institute of Metropolitan Detroit, 111 E Kirby St, Detroit.( 313) 600-7618 10 am–5 pm
Thursday, June 11. Planned Parenthood  Legislative Action Team Meeting
Learn how to help to influence legislators and other state officials to support pro-choice views. Pizza is provided. Ann Arbor Main Health Center, 3100 Professional Dr, Ann Arbor . 6:15–7:45 pm

Wednesday, June 12. Wyandotte Dems Monthly Meeting
Copeland Center, 2306 4th St, Wyandotte . 7–8 pm

Thursday, June 13. Comprehensive Immigration Reform
A2D2 (Ann Arbor inDivisible for Democracy ) is hosting Ann Lin, who is an associate professor of public policy, in the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy at the University of Michigan. Free Space Room, Ann Arbor District Library, Downtown Branch, 343 S 5th Ave, Ann Arbor . 7 pm

Thursday, June 13. League of Women Voters Dearborn - Dearborn Heights annual meeting
The guest speaker will be Judy Karandjeff, Immediate past president, LWVMI. The cost to attend is $25 per attendee. Reservations are requested by June 7th . To view the menu, learn how to register and see other relevant information, click here. For questions, please contact or (313) 278-6476
Park Place, 23400 Park St, Dearborn . 5:30 pm Doors Open, 6 pm Dinner Buffet, and 6:30 pm Meeting

Saturday, June 15. Reproductive Rights Roundtable with Senator Gary Peters
Senator Gary Peters is a champion for Reproductive Freedom and will receive NARAL Pro Choice America PAC’s endorsement at this event. RSVP to .
Contributions are appreciated, but not required. Vinology,    110 S Main St,   Ann Arbor . noon–1 pm

June 17. Eastern Washtenaw County Dems Meeting
418 W Michigan Ave, Ypsilanti . 7:30–9:30 pm      

June 17. Allen Park Dems Monthly Meeting
Call Dan Geb (313) 600-6720 for more information. American Hungarian Reformed Church, 9901 Allen Rd, Allen Park . 7–8 pm

June 19. Brownstown Dems Monthly Meeting
For more info check out . Brownstown Township Parks & Recreation, 21311 Telegraph Rd, Trenton . 6:30–7:30 pm
Things to listen to, read, and watch
The “National Popular Vote Initiative” – An Effort to Abolish the Electoral College
Through creating an interstate compact, the National Popular Vote Initiative is working to effectively “abolish” the Electoral College without amending the Constitution. By joining the compact, states agree to award their electoral votes to the candidate who wins the national election. However, the compact will only go into effect when enough states join the compact to insure 270 electoral votes. The chart below illustrates the current status of the effort. While the number of states joining the effort has been increasing, the compact’s future remains uncertain. – FiveThirtyEight
More than 80 environmental rules “on way out” under Trump administration
Forty-nine of these rollbacks are complete, and 35 are in process. They have to do with issues such as air pollution and emissions, drilling and extraction, infrastructure, animals, and toxic substances and safety. Read more here. - The New York Times

ACLU asks presidential candidates "pledge to cut federal prison system 50 %"
The U.S. incarcerates more people, both in absolute numbers and per capita, than any other nation in the world. This current state of affairs is the result of policy decisions made over the last several decades to lock up more people with longer sentences. Read more here. - ACLU
Meanwhile in Michigan...
SCOTUS halts lower court ruling to redraw congressional maps in Michigan
Lower courts ruled Republicans had violated the 1st and 14th Amendment rights of voters by drawing districts to achieve certain political outcomes and the Supreme Court set aside those rulings in both Michigan and Ohio. Read more here. - Politico
Voting rights, campaign finance ballot groups challenge petition law
A group of voting rights organizations along with two individual voters announced Thursday that they would sue Michigan's Secretary of State over what they see as the unconstitutionality of Public Act 608, passed late last year. Read more here. - Michigan Advance

Editorial: Rare Republican putting country over party
Justin Amash, the Michigan congressman who refuses to genuflect at Donald Trump’s feet, has been taking heat lately for daring to speak his mind. The congressman is a potential nightmare for Trump in 2020, writing on Twitter over the weekend that Trump “has engaged in impeachable conduct.” Read more here. - Michigan Advance

New study shows increasing government aid can reduce suicides among poor
A new study by researchers at the University of California in Berkeley shows that increases to the state Earned Income Tax Credit like that proposed in Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's state budget, as well as increases to the minimum wage, could have a direct effect on reducing the number of suicides among the economically and educationally disadvantaged. Read more here. - Michigan Advance
If you are in crisis or know someone who needs help, contact the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) .

Governor’s budget increases EITC, helps poor
According to The Michigan League for Public Policy’s statement on Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s 2020 budget proposal, “[her] plan to increase the EITC and other changes discussed today make good progress to restoring... [the balance between businesses and individuals bearing the tax burden].” Read more here. - The Michigan League for Public Policy
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