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February 2017 

Welcome to this month's edition of Equine Guelph E-News.
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Alert:   Equine Infectious Anemia ( EIA) - 
Number of Rabies cases in Canada 2016.

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New Equine Guelph has partnered with internationally renowned blanket manufacturer, Bucas of Ireland, and is pleased to announce the launch of the ThermoRegulator Healthcare Tool'.  
The new interactive online tool explores thermoregulation in all seasons to help horse owners avoid over-heating and dehydration along with a variety of sicknesses caused resulting from chilling and other preventable health concerns.  

Take 10 minutes to learn more about thermoregulation and to decide if your horse is a candidate to be covered by a blanket − go to the ThermoRegulator Healthcare Tool.   Read full story...

Equine Guelph thanks Bucas  for  sponsoring the new ThermoRegulator healthcare tool
EHV-1 can cause a variety of diseases in horses, from simple runny nose and fevers, to abortion or even neurologic disease and death. A project with Drs. Brandon Lillie, Pathobiology, and Luis Arroyo, Clinical Studies, will assess the prevalence of EHV-1 in Ontario and study the abortive effect of the virus. 

The goal is to better understand how this virus exists in the horse population, what factors contribute to the virus causing disease, and ultimately attempt to determine novel approaches to maximize the efficacy of current vaccines and minimize the impact of EHV on the health of horses.

  Join the Herd - New Online Training
biosecurity Equine Guelph announces the official launch of TheHorsePortal.ca - a new easily-accessible online learning format for the equine industry. The portal will bring together horse enthusiasts like never before to stay current on best health and welfare practices. 

10% Provincial Equestrian association discounts
The new program, resulting from an innovative industry partnership, provides horse people with short, practical online training to stay up-to-date with the latest information on equine care. 

Learn the basics of care on 2 new national standards:
Equine Welfare - Canada's Code,  March 6-24 

Every single person who is responsible for a horse should have a basic knowledge of Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Equines as well as the new Equine Biosecurity standard. Available to those 16 years of age and older.

Register at TheHorsePortal.ca 
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