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Alert: West Nile Virus - Durham County, ON
Alert: Potomac Horse Fever - Cremona, AB
The popular Horse Behaviour and Safety short course (for youth 13 - 17) will be offered in a new on-demand format for 3 months starting November 6. Learn at your own pace until Feb!
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If you run a horse farm or equine business, navigating ongoing challenges and future finances are top of mind.

Equine Guelph, Ontario Equestrian and Sun Life Financial have partnered to launch a FREE, live, 7-part, webinar series beginning Oct 5th.
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Ontario Racing Industry members - apply by November 30! The successful applicant will receive two 12-week online courses from Equine Guelph. Get the competitive edge with courses like Equine Exercise Physiology and more.
Ian Culley _Fire Prevention
Take 5 minutes to answer 20 questions interactive questions about the inside and outside of your barn. It could save lives!

Try The Tool of The Month & sign up for Fire & Emergency Preparedness Course Oct 5.
Radiographs have been found to be insufficient evidence for diagnosing Cervical Facet disease according to a research study by Dr. Judith Koenig and a team of researchers at the Ontario Veterinary College. In a video interview, Koenig explains some of the complexities of equine osteoarthritis and cervical facet disease.
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October 5 - 13

Learn to be prepared for emergency situations, reduce risks & develop a disaster plan
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Advanced Equine Health through Nutrition

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Fire & Emergency Preparedness
Oct 5 - 13

Horse Care & Welfare
Oct 19 - 30

Sickness Prevention in Horses
Nov 16 – Nov 27

Horse Behaviour & Safety
Nov 30 – Dec 11

Horse Behaviour & Safety (Youth)
Register for this self-paced course FREE anytime between Nov. 6, 2020 to Feb. 6, 2021!
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From the University of Minnesota

In case you missed it - video with cost saving tips for feeding horses.

For horses prone to laminitis, fall is a time for caution.

Research on the Blanket or No Blanket debate & vet advice on the welfare issue of over-rugging.  For a good summary of pro’s & cons visit Equine Guelph’s Blanketing tool.

Isolation Preparedness Checklist

Checklist courtesy of System Equine
Calculate the forage needs of a horse
Just one of the great fire prevention tips in Equine Guelph's short course.
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