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It is Christmas in July! We would like to offer our members an opportunity to win 3 barn posters (Horse Health Check, Body Condition Score and Respiratory Health). It is FREE to enter and the draw will be held July 30th.

For the herd
There is still a great need for support to help struggling riding lesson facilities. Equine Guelph has partnered with Ontario Equestrian offering a free learning community for fund recipients.
Sheryl Kerr
A generous donation of $100,000 has been made to Equine Guelph for equine education and community outreach. A portion of the Kerr Fund will also support much needed ongoing operational funding for the not-for profit Centre for the horse owner at the University of Guelph.
Canada Day
As a proudly Canadian not-for-profit dedicated to Helping Horses for Life, we are celebrating our 17th year providing services to the equine industry.

Highlights of the past fiscal year can be found in our latest ANNUAL REPORT.
The fast, easy way to learn the National Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Equines - Try The Tool of The Month.
Cryopreservation is the next exciting stage of research in stem cell therapy.
Dr. Koch and his team are working to preserve cartilage chips for long term storage, which would enable off-the-shelf use to treat localized cartilage defects that very often shorten or end horses athletic careers.
(students of the 12-week courses, certificate programs and diploma)

"I did not know many of the issues ... discussed even existed..."
"...opened my eyes to what was needed to be successful..."
New 12-Week Courses Start September 14
Early bird deadline Aug 14!

Mgmt of the Equine Environment

Health & Disease Prevention

Equine Business Management

Equine Behaviour

Advanced Equine Behaviour

Equine Nutrition

Stewardship of the Equine Environment
Upcoming Horse Portal Short Courses
Equine First Aid
Sept 21 - 28

Fire & Emergency Preparedness
Oct 5 - 13

Horse Care & Welfare
Oct 19 - 30

Sickness Prevention in Horses
Nov 16 – Nov 27

Horse Behaviour & Safety
Nov 30 – Dec 11

Horse Behaviour & Safety (Youth)
Nov 30 – Dec 11
Update on top post - Ontario Ministry of Health - Summer Day Camps V2 gives green light to horse camps.

Have you contacted your MP to campaign for Canada's horse industry?

Resources to help determine quality

Barn fire safety for haying season

10 questions to ask

Help your horse avoid heat stress

Common & often missed signs of dental issues

New research, handy poster & video.

Great tips, if your horses' fitness has been on hold & links to super videos

A 55 page guide on inspections, hitching up and safe travel tips.
Aug 11 - 15 | Guelph, ON

History - domestication of the horse
Instructor for Equine Guelph's Equine Behaviour online course discusses learning theory & more
The Tale of the Teeth is one of Equine Guelph's most popular videos!
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