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Solve Challenging Applications with
a 3D Machine Vision Solution
Unlike traditional 2D machine vision, the DS925B 3D Displacement Sensor provides a topological representation of your part with 3D features that can be used to supplement 2D inspection data with measurements such as height, tilt and volume. The extra dimensional information can also be used to solve applications that may be challenging due to the part’s color.
•Complete 2D and 3D machine vision solution
•Factory-calibrated with results in real world
units, micron-level accuracy
•Field calibration for removal of mounting and motion inaccuracies
•Tools for inspection include height, tilt, plane-fitting, volume and cross-section
•Industrial IP65 laser and camera

Examples of applications solved using the DS925B sensor include:
•Measuring component height, tilt and spacing to ensure correct assembly
•Verifying depth of screw holes and machined slots in housings
•Identifying surface defects and foreign debris introduced prior to assembly
•Inspecting quality and quantity of glue and sealant dispense

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Learn More About Cobots
Through UR Academy
Universal Robots constantly strives to make the advantages of collaborative robots (cobots) in the workplace accessible to all. With Universal Robots Academy’s online modules, they have lowered the automation barrier by making core programming skills available to cobot users, regardless of their robotics experience or backgrounds.
How a Machine-Tending OEM
Implemented Cobots
Fusion OEM's Head machinist Davin Erickson saw a video of a collaborative robot tending a CNC machine on social media and immediately set about convincing CEO Craig Zoberis to buy one. Now- one year later- Fusion OEM’s setup is a typical machine-tending application, featuring Robotiq’s Hand-E in a single or dual setup, mounted on four Universal Robots. The robotic cell is used to open the door, place the part in the chuck (using Force Copilot for precision), close the door, and send a signal to the machine to begin the cycle. Insights monitors productivity and alerts operators about any stops to ensure maximized runtime.  
Control Your Conveyor From Your Cobot
The new QC Conveyors URCap allows you to control your conveyor from your Universal Robot. You have the ability to start/stop, forward/reverse, and choose multiple speeds. The advanced gearmotor includes a driver that connects directly to the digital in and out ports of your UR Robot to allow complete control. Many settings of the motor are available within the driver itself.
A Low-Cost Robot Packed Full of Features
The new LS10-B SCARA robot features powerful performance with a 10kg payload. It also is a low-cost solution packed with many features:
  • Easy to use- intuitive and feature-packed Epson RC+ development software makes it easy to create high performance solutions
  • Powerful servo system design- proprietary Epson® gyro sensors allow for low residual vibration
  • Outstanding acceleration/deceleration rates- smooth start/stop motion
  • High speed- delivers fast cycle times to maximize part throughput
  • ISO 4 Clean models available- for critical dust-free applications
  • Powerful arm design- multiple reaches (600, 700 and 800 mm), up to 10 kg payload, and multi-tool capable
  • Integrated options- vision, designed specifically for robot guidance; plus, fieldbus interface solutions; RC+ 7.0 API software for open-platform functionality; teach pendants; and customizable GUIs
  • Easy setup- built-in camera cable for optional vision system; top-of-arm electrical and pneumatic layout with screw holes to mount additional equipment
  • No battery required for encoder- minimizes downtime and reduces overall cost of ownership
Dog Spotlight- Meet Bailey
Presenting: our eleventh Dog Spotlight!
If you've visited our office before, then you already know that we are a pup-friendly workplace. We've decided to feature one of the ACS dogs every other month to let you "meet" them too.

What would you like to know about Hunter Jones' dog Bailey?

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